LighterLife Fast Diet: Week 2


Two weeks ago I started the LighterLife Fast diet, which is a 5:2 diet where you eat normally but quite healthily for five days of the week and eat LighterLife Fast products for two days.


You eat four LighterLife Fast products on a fasting day and can eat two of the Light Bite snacks as well. I’ve found the snacks a bit of a godsend for keeping me going on the fasting days.


LighterLife Lighter Bites


I’m doing weekly updates and if you want to see how I got on at my last update see my LighterLife Fast Week One post. Here’s how this week went.


Monday 8th May


Monday was weigh-in day and I started the week off weighing 11 stone 4 lbs (I’m 5 foot 2), which was a 3lb loss from my starting weight. I decided to start the week off well and have a fasting day straight away. I found today a lot easier than my previous fasts, just being for one day at a time helps. I know that the next day I can eat more, which makes it easier to cope with being a bit hungry.


I love the Fastpots from LighterLight Fast, so quick to make and the Aromatic Chicken Ramen flavour one was really tasty, though it didn’t especially look that great. Honestly it tastes way better than it looks. That and one of the bars was my tea tonight and it was surprisingly filling.


LighterLife Fast


Tuesday 9th May


Today started off pretty stressful for reasons that I won’t get into. Usually this has me turning to chocolate and wanting to stuff my face, but I just ate normally for the day. I’m also still doing my walking challenge and this helped to take my mind off of things. Eating less and exercising more (i.e at all) have become my new ‘norm’ and I am feeling a lot better for it.


Wednesday 10th May

I am so full of energy at the moment. Feeling good because I know I’ve lost weight and finding the walking a whole lot easier – possibly because I’m getting fitter and carrying a bit less weight around with me.


Thursday 11th May

Today on my walk with Si’s Mum we popped into a cafe for lunch and I resisted the chips and the other naughty stuff on the menu and went for a granary sandwich with chicken and a bit of coleslaw. Me resisting chips is pretty much unheard of and possibly why I need to lose weight in the first place. Honestly who can resist cheesy chips?! Apparently me today… shining my halo in between typing.


Friday 12th May

Since it was raining and horrible outside today, I mostly did my steps for my walking challenge around the house and did housework. I may actually have a clean house by the end of the walking and dieting. I stayed pretty well-behaved with my food choices. My ‘win’ for today … I can actually do my coat up again. No more getting a soggy front because the zip wouldn’t do up! So happy about this.


Saturday 13th May

Eek the boys ‘forced’ me to eat a pasty today and so close to weigh in day too … It’s a good job it’s a fasting day tomorrow to make up for it. That pasty was GOOD mind you and we did walk to go and get it rather than driving too, so I don’t feel guilty at all. Cheese and mushrooms on toast for tea and that was delicious but a little bit naughty too.


Sunday 14th May

I made today a fasting day right before weigh-in day strategically, in case I slipped up during the week. The thought being that it could help me to redeem myself, tomorrow will tell whether I was right. Walked miles with Si in the evening AND amazing resisted the lure of fish and chips, even when he ate them right in front of me. Slight torture I must say, but no way was I eating chippy the night before weigh in.


Light Bites LighterLife Fast


Monday 15th May – Weigh In Day

So this morning I weighed myself and I am now 11 stone 1 lb, that’s another 3lbs off! So I’ve lost 6lbs so far since I started. At only 5 foot 2 I think the loss is showing  bit already and I’m fitting into some of my clothes a lot more comfortably.


I was hoping for a miracle and to get under 11 stone this time, but if I continue at this rate I will get there next Monday! Wish me luck!


*If you want to try the LighterLife Fast diet yourself check out the LighterLife Fast website or pop to Superdrug who stock the tasty and convenient range. LighterLife Fast say it will make it easy to say no to making unhealthy diet choices in a bid to save time, changing your ‘I can’t attitude’ into an ‘I can attitude’ so you can let your confidence shine through 2017 and beyond!*


Stevie x

I was sent LighterLife Fast products for the purpose of trying out the diet, however as always all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest.


  1. 15 May 2017 / 9:13 pm

    That’s brilliant Stevie, well done! I like the idea of a fasting diet so you can generally eat normally but just have two diet days a week. I might have to try it too, I definitely need something!

  2. 15 May 2017 / 11:22 pm

    Ooo this is interesting. I’m not a dieter and I love my food too much! Might have a look at this. Thanks for sharing your experience of this.

  3. 16 May 2017 / 12:33 pm

    Wow well done, 6lb already! This sounds like an interesting way to lose weight, just having two specific fasting days but being able to eat normally the rest of the week, I like the sound of that!

  4. Tracy
    17 May 2017 / 2:11 pm

    Just about to start my journey Wish me look x

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