10 Uses For Old Christmas Cards


What can I do with Christmas cards after Christmas is over?


10 alternative uses for old Christmas cards


Obviously a lot of Christmas cards will be heading to be recycled after Christmas, but I didn’t realise until recently that not all wrapping paper and greetings cards can be recycled, especially not if they’re glittery or foil.


Here are ten ideas of things to do with the non recyclable cards instead of sending them off in your regular rubbish bins.


Use old cards to make new Christmas cards


My lovely Nan does this with lots of cards for us, she cuts bits off of them and creates new cards, so that the cards get more than one usage. This could be a fun craft to do with children.


Homemade Christmas card


Frame your favourite old Christmas cards


If you receive a card that is especially beautiful, you could frame it to save the memory and maybe to use as unique Christmas decorations to put up in future years. Obviously you can do the same with cards throughout the year that your family receive, some greetings cards have stunning artwork on them.


Framed Christmas card and decorations


Turn Old Cards into an advent calendar


You can either cut bits off of cards and paste them onto a large sheet of card, use them to decorate a plain wooden advent calendar or make your own advent calendar garland with string if you have the room to hang it up. I’m planning to do a post before next Christmas all about the different ones you can make.


The one below was ridiculously easy to make and I re-used not only cards but the string to hang them up. You could tape gold coins on the back or write a message instead.


DIY advent calendar from old cards

Use old cards to decorate or fill an alternative advent calendar jar


Another advent option is to do a family alternative activity advent jar, I wrote about doing an alternative family advent recently and about a family bucket list jar, this pretty much combines the two.


I used an old Christmas card to decorate the one below and more of the coloured string that I had left over that arrived as part of the packaging for something else. The jar itself is a glass one that used to have coffee in it. I’ve used black card to write activities to do as a family on, but if you wanted to be even more frugal and focus on zero waste, then you could cut up old cards to write on too.


DIY alternative advent calendar jar


Offer them to a local school or nursery for crafting


Your local school, nursery or local care home might really appreciate some old Christmas cards for crafting purposes. You may even find a local charity that can make use of them, it’s always worth asking online or emailing the contact details for the schools etc to see if they would like you to drop them in.


Make festive Coasters


You can either literally just rest your cuppa on an old Christmas card for the lazy option, you can laminate a pretty card or part of a card or cut out and glue together lots of cards one on top of each other to create a coaster. There’s lots of options and this is another one that I’ll be writing about before next Christmas.


Turn them into gift tags for next year or for birthday gifts


All you need to make gift tags out of old cards is a pair of scissors, a hole punch and some string or yarn.


Homemade Christmas gift tags


Make Christmas themed bookmarks


You can make Christmas themed bookmarks to use yourself or for gifts from the children. One of the boys made the one below, they literally just cut it on in a shape that they wanted. You could try all sorts of designs and shapes.


Homemade Christmas bookmark made from an old card


Turn them into postcards


If you like to enter competitions, then old cards as perfect to use for postal entry postcards. You can also use them to send thank you post card notes after Christmas or as postcards if you’re off on holiday around the festive season.


Make Christmas decorations


Below is a really simple Christmas decoration that I made to hang on our tree from a section of an old Christmas card. There are loads of decorations that you can make with old cards, including Christmas garlands. I’m planning a post featuring lots of ideas in the future, which I’ll link back to here once I’ve written it.


Homemade Christmas tree decoration


Can you think of any more uses for old Christmas cards that I haven’t mentioned? You might also like this post – 16 Ways to Use Less Plastic.


Stevie x

10 uses for old Christmas cards pin. Zero waste plastic free life.


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  1. Chloe Taylor
    31 December 2018 / 6:56 pm

    Great ideas… I’ve done gift tags with my christmas cards, made some lovely ones so I’m already excited to use them on my gifts next year! Happy new year x

  2. 1 January 2019 / 7:21 pm

    Oh I LOVE the idea of lazy festive coasters and festive bookmarks – a nice craft idea for the kids this week I think x

  3. Vicky alsup
    5 January 2019 / 7:17 pm

    Great idea!!! I saved some regular cards that I love from my Sister who just past away .I always save all my cards I get. I put some of hers in frames,I am glad I did!!