10 ways to get fitter playing as a family
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10 Ways to get Fitter by Playing As a Family

10 ways to get fitter playing as a family


10 Fun Games and Activities to do With Your Children to Help You All Be More Active.


When you have children, it can be hard to fit exercise into your day, especially during the school holidays. But, you can get fitter and help get your children to be more active with you, by embracing your inner child.


Here are ten activities that you can do as a family!


Climb Trees


Now obviously to avoid ending up in A and E, you’ll want to make sure that the trees you climb are strong, suitable for climbing and not to climb ridiculously high. However climbing is great exercise, especially if you’re supporting all of your weight with your arms whilst doing it!



Trainers: Get The Label


Hopscotch or Leaf Jumping


I loved hopscotch as a child and I’ve tried it again recently and enjoyed it just as much. All you need is some chalk or similar to draw the squares on the pavement, road or patio. You can play other jumping/hopping games too without the need for any chalk, such as leaf jumping. The boys and I actually did this today on a walk we did, you basically jump from leaf to leaf as you walk. Obviously this one works best in the woods ha!


Hula Hooping


I’m not a fan of the new weighted hoops for exercising, as when I tried one it actually felt like it would bruise, but a traditional hula hoop is fun and something that you can compete at as a family. There’s a reason why hula hooping was on the Wii Fit game, it is ridiculously good exercise, once you get the hang of it anyway.




Racing or playing tag is a good way to get the whole family running. Though I’ve recently discovered that my teen and tween can now outpace me at running and it has made me feel slightly old and unfit – more reason to keep doing it, to become more fit.


My Favourite Photo


Nerf Gun Wars


This used to be ones of the boys’ favourite things to do, a whole family Nerf gun war. It is exactly what it sounds like, us all running around shooting each other with Nerf guns. We take it one step further with cushion barricades and bullet stealing raids. It is hilarious, though ban the use of the big Nerf gun bullets, as those things hurt. I’m not sure what we were all more out of breath from, the running around fighting or laughing.


Play Ball Games


From catch to ping-pong, tennis, basketball and football, even using a bouncy ball, there are so many things to play with a ball. All of which involve being very active and having fun. The boys love football and Harley is currently a bit in love with his new Adidas football boots which Get the Label sent us. I took a photo quickly, whilst they still look white and mud free, as he isn’t known for cleaning his boots!


Football boots


The I Can Do What You Do Game


This used to be our favourite rainy day game when the boys were younger. It basically involves everyone taking it in turns to be the main person who everyone else has to copy. What ever they do, you do. In the past I’ve crawled around on the floor pretending to be a cat, slithered like a snake, done star jumps, marched, jumped off the sofa and so much more. It is such a fun game to play, we always ended up in hysterics and ridiculously out of breath by the end of it.


Create a Back Garden Obstacle Course


I know most people don’t have a pile of tyres in their back garden like the ones in the photo below – although it’s a fab way to ‘recycle’ tyres – but you can make an obstacle course out of all sorts of things. You could set a course up that involves climbing commando style under an old blanket or duvet, just from one cushion to another on the grass, run three times around the washing line… you get the idea.


The possibilities are endless and you can all get some fresh air whilst you’re having fun and exercising. In theory you could do an indoor obstacle course if you’re brave and don’t own lots of valuable ornaments etc.


tyres obstacle course


Puddle Jumping and Other Watery Activities


Peppa Pig made jumping in muddy puddles even more popular than it already was. Why not pop some wellies on and go jump in puddles with your children, or if you live near to a beach go race the waves in and out, or wave jump.


Scavenger Hunt


You could have a scavenger hunt in the house, with a list of items to run around the house finding, or if you fancy something a little less messy for your home, then you could do a nature scavenger hunt. Searching for different pieces of nature to collect or spy, it’s  great way to encourage children to go on a long walk that they might otherwise moan about.


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We've been sorting back to school stuff already – I know I'm being uncharacteristically well organised 😂 We've topped up the boys' pencil cases (#AD) with lots of Crayola goodies. @crayola_uk We've also been making my little niece and nephew a special nature scavenger trail collection bag for the next time that they come to visit us in Cornwall. We're planning to take them for a walk at Pentewan trails so they can collect and spy things in the woods and on the beach! Then use the Crayola Twistables coloured pencils to tick the things off that they find. How clever are the Twistables pencils?! They're quite strong and the bonus is no pencil sharpener needed on our walk. I always love Crayola products because they're high quality, colourful and the pens are always handily washable. If you would like to try to #win the @crayola_uk #competition for some Crayola goodies, all you need to do is post a photo on Instagram of your child's creations made using Crayola products and use the hashtag #crayolagocreate on your post. Don't forget to follow the @crayola_uk page for inspiration! Comp closes 9th September 2018. Stevie x #crayolabacktoschool #crayolauk

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If you can’t fit in many of these activities don’t feel bad, as looking at A Parent’s Day in Calories on the Get The Label site, you might be surprised by just how much you’re already doing that is burning calories or helping you to be fitter.


Stevie x

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