1st year of blogging

My 1st Year of Blogging

So today it is officially one year since I started A Cornish Mum and what a year it has been! I wish I had started blogging years ago.

Before I started my blog I was in all honesty a bit lonely. I felt a bit invisible and lost, both boys have been in full time school for years and yet I wasn’t a working Mum. This was due to the cost of child care and my son’s Type 1 Diabetes meaning he has always been off ill from school a lot more than the average child mostly.

What a difference a year makes though, I have made so many wonderful new friends. I also used to have too much time on my hands ,but now I tend to be manically busy and that is exactly how I like it.


My 1st year blogging


In the last year we’ve reviewed for some brilliant companies, the boys have gotten their wish of being on YouTube which they have done for my own YouTube channel – which is a little neglected of late but which I plan to work on more in 2016.

We’ve watched Horrible Histories at Hall for Cornwall, had a staycation at Hendra, I’ve been tea tasting and we’ve just generally had a lot of fun!

There are so many things I love about blogging from the friendship and blogging community to how I never quite know what will be coming into my email inbox next. Last year I was on the beach making a sandcastle out of yoghurts, the strange looks I got as I was sat on the beach by myself doing this, were probably made worse by the fact that I kept laughing to myself. It was a lot of fun though!


Petits Filous


When I first started my blog, it was mostly my way of trying to help other parents who were coping with a new Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, and to raise awareness of the symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes. I have and continue to achieve this goal, and it meant the world to me when I received emails telling me that I’d made someone feel less alone with it all, or that I’d made a difference for them.

My blog has evolved though into a total mishmash of everything that I love, so obviously a heavy influence on Cornwall there! This is how I love it, and it suits my personality and my slightly crazy family.




I’m going to list here my current follower numbers, more for a reference to myself in a years time than anything – there is no way if I write it down I’ll be able to find it in a year ha, so feel feel to scroll right past as I know it’s non that exciting for most people!

 Twitter  10,095

 Facebook  1219

 Google+  699

 Instagram  4861

 Pinterest  4042

 Stumbleupon  4 – Ha feel free to make me look less lonely on there ;)

 Bloglovin  471

YouTube 61

Within the numbers above are so many wonderful people, who make me laugh and smile every day and that is priceless.

My blog has done so much better than I expected in the last year, when I first started I can remember how excited I was the first day that I got 100 visits in a day! Those numbers have upped dramatically and really exceeded all my expectations, to date I have had 81,401 site views to my blog.

I am proud of my blog and the progress I’ve made… that’s another thing blogging has given me a sense of pride in myself again, as well a purpose and an income! I love that I can earn money from something that I love doing so much, even though it can be a lot of hard work and time consuming.

I am so excited to see what my second year of blogging brings me and my family, what experiences we’ll have and hopefully I’ll get to meet some more of my favourite bloggers!

Thank you everyone for your support in the last year 

Stevie x


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