2019 Bucket List Family Jar for Memory Making

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A DIY Jar Full of Experiences to do as a family and memories to make.


family bucket list


I recently read a post on the Sunlife site called Should we invest more in making new memories? It talks about how important our memories are to us and in fact what a large part they play in our lives and it really got me thinking.


I know that the boys aren’t going to be moving out tomorrow or anything, but from February they will both be teenagers and they are growing up quickly. I feel a bit like I’m on borrowed time until they suddenly have their own busy grown-up lives and I want to make the most of the time whilst they’re still young enough not to be working and full on busy all the time. I want to make more memories with them.


So for 2019 I’ve added something fun to our house, a family bucket list jar, which is basically an experiences and memory making jar. It’s not a magical jar that’ll take us on adventures – I wish, it’d be cheaper than diesel right now! It’s a jar where we’re all going to choose things that we want to do as a family this year, write those things down, pop them into a jar and then do them.


If you want to make your own jar, then you can use any sort of a jar, but obviously choose a size that’ll fit however many pieces of paper you want to pop in there. You could put in enough things for every weekend of the year and extras for school holidays, or you could put in one for every month or even just a random number. It is entirely up to you and your family what you want to do.


I made our jar (which is an old Easter one that I’m re-purposing) a label on Canva to decorate it a bit, you could just leave it plain though or decorate it in a much more fancy way than I have. There was fake grass on the lid to ours already, I kind of like it!


Our 2019 family bucket list jar label


Family bucket list jar 2019



We’re made a start on filling our jar, here is a list of what we have in there so far:


Ride a rollercoaster 

Eat at Frankie and Bennys

Have a snowball fight – living in Cornwall this one could be tricky to complete, but not impossible it snowed here in 2018 ha!

Build a snowman – see above…

Go swimming

Do a beach clean

Go on holiday

Go geocaching all four of us

Play crazy golf


Making our family bucket list jar


Once you have your jar sorted and filled, it is entirely up to you how you choose something to do. You could pull all of the pieces of paper out and choose between all of the options to decide what to do, or you could randomly treat it as a lucky dip where whatever you pull out the family has to do that weekend/day.


Or you could even just treat it as a jar of aims, like a mini bucket list for the year. You could even fill it right up full of ideas of things you want to do as a family full stop rather than just for one year. I am a huge fan of bucket lists and things to aim for, especially when they include experiences. I’m still working my way through my 40 Before Forty list.


What would be in your family’s 2019 bucket list jar or on your bucket list full stop?!


Stevie x


Family Bucket List Jar - experiences and making memories DIY

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