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400 Thousand Steps in 40 Days: The End of the Challenge


My forty day challenge to walk 400,000 steps to raise money for JDRF and Type 1 Diabetes research has now ended! You can read the starting post to see what it was all about.


Par beach in the mizzle


Today’s post is a quick round-up of the remaining days which I haven’t written about and to let you know if I met my target within the 40 days …


After 27 days I was on 283,561 steps. A lot of the rest of the days I struggled with, such as half term where the boys didn’t want to walk anywhere at all, so I was stuck to sticking close to home a lot. I also had a bit of a health scare, which meant I didn’t feel like socializing on some of the days and walked where I wouldn’t see people who I know.


Tuesday 30th May – 11,001 steps

Long walk to the supermarket and post office – I walked instead of taking the car. Which I kind of regretted when I bought more than I thought at the supermarket. Bribed the boys with Pick ‘n Mix to walk with me!


Wednesday 31st May – 8906 Steps

We went into town to get some more steps in and then I spent a chunk of the afternoon pacing around the house. Si reckons that my charity walking has probably resulted in us needing a new lounge carpet a few years earlier – cheek of it.


Thursday 1st June – 9783 steps

Manic house work – since we had friends coming over, most of my steps were done cleaning the house. Yes it was that grim. I added to the steps by emptying the dishwasher and putting each individual thing away by carrying it on its own. Yes my day was that exciting…


Friday 2nd June – 9123 steps

Friday’s steps were mostly done walking circuits of Asda whilst the boys looked at everything really slowly and by running around the house. Si may actually have a point about the carpet, especially the stairs one.


Saturday 3rd June – 10,008

Home and around the garden – I think the neighbours probably think I’ve lost it, seeing me walking around in circles everywhere. A quick pop to the local shop helped as well.


garden flowers


Sunday 4th June 12,098

Par Market from our house and Si made me walk the crazily long way back. I think we must have walked about six miles, which is probably just as well since we ate pasties when we were there.


Cornwall lane walking


Monday 5th June – 9904

Since the weather wasn’t great I did a lot of walking indoors around local shops window shopping and a whole lot of running up and down the stairs etc at home.


Tuesday 6th June 7002

Tuesday was the day when I needed to go for my scan in the evening, so I wasn’t much in the mood for walking a huge amount. Hence I’m pleased with what I achieved and even more pleased with my scan results!


Wednesday 7th June 11,147

Truro shopping with Flo – Simon’s Mum. Flo has been amazing during my walking challenge, she has walked miles with me sometimes in some pretty yucky weather and has also introduced me to some new places to walk.


Thursday 8th June – 8782

Around home and walked to vote. Si was home for the day and mostly we had a nice lazy day together, which was really needed.


Friday 9th June – 13,001

Si and I went to the Royal Cornwall Show. An event where you can guarantee walking miles in a day, the show is always fun and thankfully the weather behaved itself. I have a slightly sunburnt nose to prove it.


Royal Cornwall Show


Saturday 10th June – 10213 steps

Si and I walked around Par Beach several times in grey windy and a teeny bit damp conditions to try to reach the 400,000 steps target a day early so that we could have a lazy chilled out day on Sunday.


Simon at Par Beach


Sunday 11th June – As Few Steps As Possible!!!


In 40 days I have walked a total of 404,529 steps. Well actually in 39 days as on the 40th day on Sunday realising that I had passed my target, I moved as little as possible ha! It was lovely.


I have raised so far £254.98 but there is still time to donate if you wish, I would love to get the money raised a bit higher, though I am proud and very grateful for all the donations so far.


If you want to donate pop to the Everyday Hero website or paypal me Thank you!


Stevie x



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