Five favourite blog posts July 2017

5 Favourite Blog Posts: July 2017


Every month I choose five posts from other bloggers to feature as my 5 favourite posts for that month, here are my choices for July 2017.


As always, some choices will be older posts that I have only just discovered or remembered. They are all posts that I’ve enjoyed reading and that hopefully you will too!


Five favourite blog posts July 2017


Zoe Corkhill – BlogOn Conference Blog


Zoe usually write at Mama Geek, but my favourite post from her recently was actually on the BlogOn site and was A guide to setting up Let’s Encrypt SSL on self-hosted WordPress sites. Not the most exciting read for non bloggers, but such a helpful post and the reason why I finally have a little secure green padlock at the top of my site. Thank you Zoe!


Fi – Dolly Dowsie


The post of Fi’s that is actually almost 2 years old that I recently read was A Day Trip To Sark, Channel Islands. After reading Fi’s post, I want to go there. It looks beautiful and reminds me a lot of Cornwall around the coastline.


However no cars are allowed there at all! Considering how sweary I get in the summer trying to share the local roads with what feels like half the country, the idea of no cars sounds great to me. Well for a little while anyway.


Morgan – Morgan’s Milieu


Morgan’s post Not Done Changing really struck a cord with me. My life has changed a lot in the last few years and it seems that it will continue to do so. Both boys are going to be at the same school together in September and I’ll be looking for a part time job.


Bridie – Bridie By The Sea


Bridie’s post I Struggle To Make Mum Friends isn’t an especially positive post as such, but it is an honest one. I really struggle to make friends as a Mum and in all honesty I’m pretty lonely at times. I always made such an effort with other Mums though at playgroup and school, especially if they looked to be on their own or overwhelmed.. I just wish maybe there was someone who had made more of that effort with me.


If you’re in a group of Mums at nursery or school etc and you can see someone looking a bit lost, maybe be kind and include them.


Eilidh – Mummy and Monkeys


A change of career from teaching to freelance writing and social media management is the post of Eilidh’s that I love. I know that for a long time teaching wasn’t making Eilidh happy and I am so thrilled for her that she has taken the leap and changed career direction. I really hope it all works out well for her as she really is such a lovely person.


Stevie x


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  • Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    I love these posts Stevie, as much as I try you can not read all the posts by bloggers and this gives me a chance to read any I’ve missed. I’m off to read Bridget’s I think I will relate to this one a lot! x

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