5 Favourite Blog posts from other bloggers

5 Favourite Blog Posts Lately: April 2018


Each month (when I’m organised enough) I write a post about my five favourite blog posts from other bloggers that I’ve read recently. Here’s my post for April 2018.


5 Favourite Blog posts from other bloggers


Fiona at Dolly Dowsie


I loved Fi’s post – My Weightloss Transformation/40lbs Down and Feeling Great partly because it gives me hope that I might actually manage to lose the weight that I want to one day! Also though just because of how impressive the change in Fi is – she is looking even more gorgeous and just how well her hard work has paid off!


Laura at Laura’s Lovely Blog


The post I really liked of Laura’s was A Night at the Natural History Museum. I love museums and I’m a little bit jealous of their late night quiet viewing. Some gorgeous photos of Laura’s here too.


Rachel at The Melton House


Parenting is not a Competition was the post of Rachel’s that I loved! I really do agree with her, we should be able to be vocal about our pride in our children without people feeling we’re bragging or making them feel bad. Parenting isn’t a competition at all and a lot of people would be a lot happier if they stopped thinking of it as one I reckon.


Anna at The Cornish Life


Anna always has beautiful photography on her site and social media and I loved her post Epic Castle Views from Mount Haven Hotel. What a fabulous hotel, I can’t think of many views that could compete with the one from their hotel room balcony, but then I am a ‘little’ bit biased when it comes to Cornwall ha!


Jo at Slummy Single Mummy


I really enjoyed Jo’s post Do you care less as you get older? I definitely agree that you do, or at least I do ha! The older I get the more chilled out I am about most things, the more happy I am just to be at home with a cuppa and the less I care what anyone else thinks about me. It’s a nice feeling.


There you go that’s my five favourites for this month, you should definitely go and check out the blogs I’ve linked to above, they are all fab writers. I’m now off to get reading to find some gems for next month’s choices.


Stevie x

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