5 Happy Mood Lifting Songs

Five Happy Mood Lifting Songs to Cheer Up Your January


5 happy mood lifting songs


January is such a ‘meh’ month for lots of people, with the sparkle and fun of Christmas gone and the weather so cold and lacking in much daylight. It’s a month where in all honesty I tend to feel a little bit down myself.


I like to have something to look forward to, but January finances never facilitate the booking of holidays here, it’s usually the time when we’re eating out of the freezer to save money on food shopping and I’m panic checking my bank account several times a day instead ha!


Anyway if like me you feel a bit fed-up right now, then maybe what help me will help you too a bit? Personally music always lifts my mood, especially happy songs that I can’t help but sing along to! Life is way too short to wallow if you don’t really have to, so feel free to comment with your own ‘get happy’ tips.


Anyway, what’s your favourite happy song? Or song full stop? I have a slight obsession with The Greatest Showman and it’s songs right now, which you might realise from my first choice of song!


Here are five songs that always lift my mood and make me smile, sing and sometimes dance..


This Is Me – The Greatest Showman


Anyone else LOVE The Greatest Showman?! This is my favourite upbeat song from the film, which I think everyone here is a bit fed up of me singing, but I soooo don’t care.



Cups – Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone


I absolutely love this one and end up tapping/slapping my knees in time to the music. It’s just really clever and it makes me happy.


All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor


I had this one stuck in my head for weeks after I first heard it. Obviously there’s a couple of rude words in it, so beware playing around small children.



Tubthumping – Chumbawamba


There’s no ‘official’ video for this one as it’s a bit old (like me ha), this one came out when I was 14 and I played it all the time… erm actually I still do! It’s in our iTunes library and the boys like it too. It makes me smile and takes me back to my teen years.



Keep On Movin – Five


Number 5 is erm Five! I expect some of you might groan at this choice, but I loved Five back in the day and still listen to them now and sing along much to the boys’ disgust in the car. The hard part was choosing one Five song – yes I am that sad and yes I do sing to it in the car even if the boys’ friends are in the car too.



5 happy mood lifting songs to cheer you up

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