5 Ways To Keep Your Children Cool At Night




As lovely as the hot weather we’ve been having lately is, it does make for some very humid nights which can be a nightmare when it comes to getting children to sleep.


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Well children and ourselves, these tips will obviously work for adults as well as children! I think we as adults tend to struggle to get to sleep in a slightly more peaceful way than babies, toddlers and tweens though!


I keep seeing online people in different (hotter) countries laughing at how we in the UK struggle to cope with the heat, they forget that this hot humid weather isn’t the norm for us. Our houses aren’t set up for it. There is no air con, our floors are often heavily carpeted and our houses are set up more to keep out the cold, not the heat.


Anyway that’s all my excuses for moaning I’m too hot ha, here are 5 ways that you might not have thought of to cool down at bedtime;


ice cubes


Cold Hot Water Bottles


Don’t worry I haven’t lost my mind, you fill the hot water bottles with cold water. Or you pop them in the fridge or freezer for a while before bed. I’ve been just running the cold tap for a bit and filling a hot water bottle each for the boys, which has really helped.


You could just freeze/chill bottles of water, but they tend to end up with condensation on the outside of the bottle that makes your bed damp, whereas the hot water bottles don’t.


Gel Pads for the Bed


I didn’t have a clue that these existed until I saw someone on one of my social media feeds saying how glad she was that she had bought one. You can buy pads of all different sizes, that you can use on top of your pillow or to lie on and they are supposed to draw the heat away from you.


I’m planning to order a small one from Amazon (affiliate link) to try before I buy a couple for my children as well. Apparently they’re brilliant for migraines and hot flushes too if you suffer with either. You can even get ones for pets if your pooch is struggling at the moment and you don’t have any tiled floors for them to lie on. Do you have one and if so how do you find it?


Ice Packs/Blocks in Socks


We have bought lots of little ice packs that we re freeze every day for use at night – as well as for the lunch boxes etc. These aren’t very pleasant against your skin on their own, so what we do is pop each small one inside an individual sock as a mini cover. This makes it so that they’re still cold to touch, but you can put them on you or around you without worrying about hurting your skin with a bit of ice burn.




It is such an obvious one I know, but as such I had to mention it ha! If you can stand the noise overnight and the expense for the electricity bill, a fan on in the bedroom is pure bliss. You can always turn them off in children’s rooms as soon as they fall asleep.


Just remember to buy ones that small children can’t fit their fingers into and keep them out of reach as much as possible. There are loads on Amazon at the moment if you’re finding that your local shops have sold out.


You can also add a bowl or cup of ice in front of the fan to blow some more cold air around. I’m not sure I would have tried this when my boys were smaller though, as you can guarantee they’d have been sat up munching on the ice instead of sleeping ha!


Cooling Fan - A Cornish Mum


Cool Down Before Bed


A lukewarm bath or cold (ish) shower before bed can really help you to cool down ready to go to sleep, especially if you don’t dry your hair. This can make for some pretty crazy hair the next morning for longer hair, but it keeps your head cooler for longer. Hopefully for long enough to actually get to sleep.


Running your wrists under a cold tap before bed is another good way to feel a bit more chilled, as is having a cold drink or putting your feet in some cold water.


That’s my five tips for cooling down at night, please do share any of your own in the comments below or tell me on social media, as I am always happy to find new ways to minimise the moaning about being too hot from the kids ha!

5 ways to keep your children cool at night

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  1. Tami
    1 July 2018 / 8:32 am

    This is truly helpful, thanks.

  2. 1 July 2018 / 10:28 pm

    I like the sound of those gel pads, I might invest in a few for the children and the dog! I love the heat, even at night although I can be seen diving into the odd lake or river every now and then to cool off.