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50 Things That Make Me Happy


Thank you to the lovely Beth over at Twinderelmo for tagging me to do a 50 Things that make me happy post. I love doing my monthly things I have loved this month posts as they make me look back on all the good things of the previous month, and I love positive posts, so I was happy to do this tag!


Anyway enough waffle, in no particular order here are 50 things that make me happy!

50 Happy Things - acornishmum.com

1. My little family – the boys and Si are always what make me the happiest and I feel very lucky to have them!

2. Spending time with the rest of my family.

3. Seeing my best friend Maz – we always end up laughing, even if one of us was crying at the start of our time together! We don’t see each other nearly enough, but we know we’re there for each other always.

4. Butterflies – I don’t know what it is about them, but they always put a smile on my face and items with them on sneakily appear around the house.

5. A Clean House – I’m sure it will happen again soon!

6. Being silly with my boys – I love making them laugh, and the car journey for the school run with me dancing singing and embarrassing them is one of my favourite times of the day.

7. Being by the sea.

8. A new notebook – I have a slight stationery addiction, and notebooks are definitely one of my favourite things.

9. Chocolate – no explanation needed!

10. When my boys say ‘I love you’ first – this just makes me melt, they are pretty amazing boys.

11. Days that Si is off work – with or without the boys I always love these days.

12. Fireworks – Si has a slight fireworks obsession, so in the almost 5 years we’ve been together I have seen more fireworks than in the whole of the rest of my life. Luckily I also love them, and we make sure we see the Land’s End Summer ones every year, and we often go to the Plymouth fireworks championship…along with numerous other displays every year!

13. Emails from my Nan (or ‘An as we’ve always called her) – I can’t help being a little amused that neither of my Grandparents (on mum’s side) can work out how to send a text message, and yet my ‘An has an iPad and emails me!

14. The smell of the first coffee of the day.

15. Date nights – as much as I love my boys, we do need some couple time sometimes, and even if it’s only a visit to the local cinema, it’s lovely to spend some time alone with Simon.

16. Waking up with no back pain – I’ve had a lot of issues with my back, hip and right leg in the last year, and most days I do wake in pain, but it makes the days when I wake up feeling good amazing.

17. Cuddles with Si and/or the boys.

18. Watching Poldark!

19. Emails – since starting my blog, my email has gotten a lot more interesting, and I love the fact that I never know what might pop up in there next!

20. School holidays – not having to get dressed as soon as I get up, and having my lovely boys home is brilliant.

21. When my children accidentally say something rude – very childish I know, but some of the things they have come out with over the years have been hilarious, and I wish I had written a lot of it down for them for when they are older!

22. Si’s cheekiness – as much as I pretend to him that he annoys me at times, he really does crack me up, and I find it impossible to stay angry at him for long as he always ends up making me laugh. He’s also forever accidentally ‘insulting’ me, but luckily I give as good as I get and he has a gorgeous cheeky smile.

23. Writing lists – sadly I do get very excited about list writing, and have been known to write a list of lists I need to write..

24. Putting pj’s on straight after or sometimes even before tea.

25. Cornwall – I love where I live and that I was lucky enough to be born here, and never take it for granted.

26. Finding out I have more money in the bank than I thought.

27. Harley’s freckles – his nickname is ‘Freckles’ for good reason, and now the sun has been out they are popping up everywhere, and I love them.

28. Fin’s smile – this is his natural lovely smile, not the horrendously weird one he seems to try to do whenever my camera is out. He has such a cheeky smile.

29. Cauliflower cheese with mushrooms and crusty bread – I could happily eat this everyday, and I get added enjoyment from how much everyone else in the house hates the smell of cauliflower cheese! I do seem to like a lot of ‘stinky’ food.

30. Holidays – it doesn’t matter for how long or where is it, a holiday with all three of my ‘boys’ is always amazing.

31. Flowers – I used to have a severe allergy to some flowers and plants, horrendous hay fever every year and  one eye even swelled shut after I brushed past a hedge a few years ago. Luckily though I have finally found an antihistamine that works for me, and I can even have flowers inside the house again.

32. Dancing – either when home alone (the boys are too cool to mad dance with me now apparently) or in the car with the boys, it’s a great mood lifter and always makes me smile, plus a good calorie burner!

33. Cornwall Hour on Twitter – there is a lovely group of people who join in with Cornwall Hour every week, and I always end up laughing loudly and with a smile on my face the whole time. I hate when I have to miss it!

34. Baby Cuddles – I think I am going to have to give in to my broodiness or talk someone I know into having a baby soon as I haven’t had any of these in a while.

35. Sleepwalking children – both of my boys are heavy sleepers and do at times sleepwalk, and the conversations we have with them when they do are often bizarre but always funny. Luckily they don’t walk very far.

36. Beating Si at scrabble or at anything – we are a little competitive in our house, and all of us are ‘bad winners’ in that we love to tease the others, but it’s all just fun.

37. New things – clothes, shoes, handbags, photo frames etc, I love new things even if they are only new to me (I do like an ebay bargain), but I am a careful shopper and never spend more than I can afford, and most of my money goes on the boys, hence why new things for me are rare but lovely.

38. Long walks – Cornwall has so many scenic places to walk, that we are spoilt for choice, and I even like going for a sunny stroll on my own sometimes when everyone else is at school and work. Check out my Carnewas and Wheal Coates posts for some of my favourite walks.

Wheal Coates Walk - acornishmum.com

39. Playing board games as a family – it can get a bit competitive at times (see number 36!), but I love sitting around together and playing games, especially when it’s windy and rainy outside.

40. Going up in the Tots100 ranking – I’m going to savour this one this month, as I may even go down next month eek, but it did make me very smiley.

41. Fin having a phone now – partly this makes me happy as I can relax more when he’s out playing now, as I know he can ring if he needs me, but it’s also because we can text even when he isn’t home, and he has sent me a few lovely messages.

42. WhatsApp messages from my youngest niece – Melek and Zeki my niece and nephew are half Turkish and live in Turkey, so I don’t see them very often (or my oldest sister Tracey), but they send me WhatsApp messages, and Melly in particular loves sending me voice messages of her singing and she sounds so cute! She sings Twinkle Little Star to me in English and then again in Turkish the clever little miss!

43. Photography – I love taking photos, and that moment when you know you’ve just taken an amazing photo is hard to beat.

44. Going to the beach after school – I love the early Summer days before the beaches are busy with tourists, when we can go straight to the beach after school for a play in the sea and a walk.

45. Thank you emails – I love getting an email through saying thank you for a job well done with a blog post, in fact I dislike it when people don’t bother.

46. Surprises – so long as I have no idea there is one, as then I am a nightmare! I’m naughty and shake presents and try to peek, but I do love not knowing what the present is really, and nice surprises are always good!

47. Snuggles with clean boys – I love snuggling up with my boys when they have just had a bath and have clean pjs on, they usually use apple shampoo and it makes them smell even more scrummy.

48. Old houses – I’m thrilled we now have a National Trust membership as I love nosing around old houses, they made things so much more beautiful in the past when they were building homes, especially the ones for rich people! I can dream.

49. A Cornish pasty or a cream tea – not that I’m a cliché Cornish person or anything but I do enjoy both of these immensely, and if it wasn’t for wanting my clothes to fit I could happily eat both all the time!

Pasty - acornishmum.com

50. A good HbA1c result – for those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a blood test my Type 1 Diabetic son has every 3 months, and the result is an indicator of how good his blood glucose control has been in that time. I shouldn’t let it bother me so much, but a bad one makes me feel like the worst mother in the world, and a good one pretty much makes me Queen of the Mums ;)

So that’s my rather long list, and I could have made it even longer! I would like to tag the following bloggers to have a go at doing their own 50 Things That Make Me Happy post if they’d like to and haven’t been tagged already…

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  • Emma English

    Love this post! Your 50 happy things sound pretty much like mine but with out living Cornwall lol, Love 4, 5 , 10, 18!! 47, and 29 sounds Amazing :) Great Post
    Emma xx

  • acornishmum

    Ha Becs I think stationery and list writing addictions are the norm for bloggers ;) I’m just glad she doesn’t skype, as my house is way too messy for that at the moment!

    Stevie x

  • Penny Pincher (Dawn)

    Great list! I was tagged by Cuddle Fairy and I enjoyed making my list so much that I also posted my 10 year old’s happy list earlier today. I would love to live in Cornwall and I think a few of us mums said we’re happy when we have a clean house :)

  • Maria

    LOVE this post! I have to say I don’t think no 26 has ever happened to me though! lol

    I have (just yesterday) signed up for National Trust membership too and can’t wait to find some good places to go with boys in the Summer!

    Thank you for the tag lovely – will definitely be joining in xxxx

  • acornishmum

    Thanks Maria, who ever first started it was a genius as it’s a nice fun one to do :)
    We’ve used our National Trust membership a few times already, could have done with an English Heritage one as well for castles, but maybe I’ll swap them over next time for a year ;) Will look forward to reading your post!
    Stevie xx

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