Christmas Gift Guide - Men

A Christmas Gift Guide for men 2015

When it comes to Christmas, I always find the men in my life the hardest to buy a gift for. Is it just me or are men always hard to buy for? Luckily Simon is good at dropping hints about what he needs, else I’d probably be lost. I’ve put together a Christmas gift guide for men to help you with some ideas of what to buy them this year!

I think the difficulty in knowing what to buy them comes from the fact that most men don’t tend to own things for the sake of it in my experience, they want things because they do something or it serves a purpose – silly concept I know ha! I tend to more see something I really love and then frantically think of a reason I ‘need’ it or a purpose it could be for. What can I say, I like pretty things as cliché as that sounds.

Christmas Gift Guide - Men

Here’s a few ideas of what to buy the men in your life, along with a competition at the end from the wonderful Julie Slater and Son who were kind enough to offer a wallet as a competition prize for my readers. A wallet is the perfect gift for a man, as it has a function, it’s a necessary thing and therefore ‘man-approved’. The wallet is listed as number 3 below.

Here are a few other ideas I have put together for gift ideas for men.

Christmas Gift Guide - Men

1. The Boss mug – Mr Fantastic enamel mug from Debenhams, currently on sale at £6.40 (usually £8). I love the look of this mug, and I’m sure it would appeal to a lot of men – and women! Being enamel it’s a little bit different than your usual run of the mill mug gift as well.

2. DeWalt boots – These DeWalt Bolster Safety boots have a steel toe cap, but still look very smart. They are only £39.99 from Screwfix. Si like a lot of men loves DeWalt tools, so hopefully their boots are just as good.

3. Leather Wallet – This fits with the ‘having a use’ theme of this gift guide, as everyone needs a wallet. Leather is durable, looks smart and smells great, although I doubt any men will worry about the smell! This wallet retails at £25 from Julie Slater and Son.

4. FIFA 16 – I’ve put a picture of the PS4 version of this game, but obviously you can buy it for other consoles –  we have a PS3 and an XBOX 360 in our house. This is one of those games whose popularity isn’t generation dependent. Si would love this as a gift just as much as my 9 and 11 year old boys. On the Game website, all the versions are around the £43 mark.

5. Chocolate – Their favourite chocolate will always make a great gift.

6. Rubiks Cube – A little bit of childhood reliving for Christmas! I can remember struggling to master a Rubiks cube as a child, and I’m sure most men would love to try.

7. Firetrap Scarf – I spotted this scarf on the M and M Direct website and think it would make a lovely present. Being Firetrap it will most likely be great quality and looks expensive, but it’s only £9.99. I use M and M Direct a lot for the branded clothes that the boys like, as it saves me a lot of money

8. DeWalt Multicutter – This tool is £99.99 so obviously one for someone you definitely love this year. It cuts all sorts apparently, and is the sort of thing Si loves to buy. I’m pretty sure a lot of mens reactions to new tools is similar to my reaction to new shoes… I won’t fill you in on the technical information of this one, but a power tool they have been hinting about is always a winner. You can pop to Screwfix for some much more useful information on this one.

9. Thermos Flask – This 1.8L Stainless Steel Thermos flask is £18.99 at The Range. It doesn’t really need an explanation, but a flask is perfect for work, or for taking out on picnics and long walks.

10. Liverpool FC Diary – Now obviously if they support Manchester United you might want to choose a Man Utd diary for them – and give them a talking to, but a diary is both handy and getting their favourite team shows a bit more thought. The Liverpool FC diary is available for £6 from the official site’s shop.

11. Jurassic Park Boxset Blurays – I think this has definitely been the film of this year. Most of us remember the original, unless you are too young…in which case please don’t tell me ha! The films are the type that can be enjoyed by all generations, and would make a great present. I have to admit I do sometimes buy people in my own house films that I want to watch myself… The boxset is currently £24.79 on Amazon.

12. Drill and Screwbit set – If you have a DIY fan to buy for, then this is the gift to get. No matter how many drill and screw bits they own, they will always thank you for more in my experience. These are the bits that get lost, bent or just ruined most commonly so back-ups are always handy as we discovered doing our own home up. The ones in the photo are a 150 piece set from Black and Decker, and are £19 at the moment on sale at Very – normally £39.

Which is your favourite choice above, and what do you usually buy for the men in your life?


Competition Time! For a chance to win a lovely leather men’s wallet from Julie Slater and Son, just fill in the rafflecopter below. Good luck everyone,

Stevie x

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