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A Christmas Night In with Ocean Finance

Earlier this week I took part in an online Twitter party with Ocean Finance, who were kind enough to give me and several other bloggers a Christmas night in.

We were all sent a gorgeously soft and furry onesie – the first I have ever owned, and a mystery box of wrapped and numbered presents to open during the party. I have to admit that it took all my restraint not to peek before the date…there is a reason that Si has always hidden my presents at other people’s houses until the actual day each Christmas!

Ocean Finance Christmas Night In

If you pop to Ocean Finance’s Twitter page and look down their timeline, you can see all the #ChristmasNightIn tweets that were sent during the party. There was a chance during the party to win prizes, and we find out if we won and what after Christmas, so crossed fingers!

Firstly for the party we had to put our onesies on, and send them a selfie in our onesies. I am not a huge fan of photos of myself, I hide behind the camera usually, but I did send them one.

We opened all of our other parcels when we were told we could and during the party I opened the following;

A lovely Christmas mug with hot chocolate, marshmallows and chocolate in, which I made myself to enjoy for our Christmas Night In. Some people broke their chocolate bar up and added it to their drink….I ate all of mine whilst the kettle was boiling.

Hot Chocolate

We all also received a cookie mix and cutter, which explained why Ocean Finance told us to have some butter and an egg ready for the night.

I was at one point eating cheesy chips that Si had brought me home for tea, whilst sipping hot chocolate, talking to Si, tweeting and in between all that baking cookies! Considering all the multitasking I was doing, they turned out well.


Ocean Finance asked us a few trivia questions about Christmas films in between the parcel opening, and I managed to get all of the questions right as I love Christmas films. I really am in my element at this time of year!

I had a gorgeous looking and tasting bar of chocolate as well, a special tree decoration with my name on it (my official one, I answer to both Stevie and Stephanie) and one of my all time favourite Christmas films – Home Alone. I’ve loved watching Home Alone with the boys this week, as they love it as much as I do.

Christmas Night In

I’m very grateful to Ocean Finance for giving me the perfect Christmas night in, I was at home with my family, talking to lovely people online, eating and drinking yummy things and cosy in my onesie. It was a lot of fun.

This is the type of evening I have repeated a lot recently, now that I am in Christmas hibernation mode!

Thank you Ocean Finance and Nadelik Lowen (Merry Christmas)

Stevie x


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