A Home In Cornwall: A New Beginning


As much as I love writing A Cornish Mum, recently I’ve been wanting and needing a new challenge and so I’ve started a second site – A Home In Cornwall!


A Home In Cornwall


I’m still going to be writing A Cornish Mum, but I’ll also be writing me new site as well. A Home In Cornwall is going to be a site just for me without the family and parenting side of things. Although it will mention and feature some bits of Cornwall, it’ll have more of a home lifestyle and crafty theme to it.


Basically it’ll be a site for things I love, interests that I have and posts that wouldn’t fit well with the theme of A Cornish Mum. I’m pretty excited about it and although it will be a lot of work, I am so pleased that I’ve taken the leap.


There is pretty much zero content over there at the moment – give me some time ha! – but I’m also loving how it looks. Having the experience from setting up this site and making mistakes along the way, I was pleasantly surprised to realise how much I’d learnt in the last 4 and a bit years and how much easier that made the setting up of a new site. I have a HUGE list of posts that I want to write for both of my sites.


I’ve actually bought myself a third site, but that’s a more long term project that won’t go live for a long time and is more related to homeschooling, but watch this space! It’s a good job that I love being busy and have a hatred of being bored, as with homeschooling one of the boys, writing two (three once I start the other one off) blogs and general life commitments, things are going to be pretty busy around here.


Bring it on! Stevie x



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