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A Minecraft Inspired Party

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If you have been reading my blog recently, you will already know that it was my youngest son’s birthday on Thursday. He turned 9 and being as Minecraft mad as he is, I decided to make Minecraft the theme for his birthday party. I say ‘party’ but it was actually a birthday party tea for him, his big brother, and two friends, followed by a sleepover with the same friends.


I tried to look online for [amazon_textlink asin=’B076Z41TXS’ text=’Minecraft party items’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’acomu-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’4bb090bc-f5f3-11e7-ac39-f1e14c9a73cf’], but struggled to find many that were either within my price range or that I actually liked! I decided to improvise with the help of my lovely boyfriend who seems to believe Publisher is the answer to everything, and therefore was pleased to be proven right for a change!


I bought some green card from Hobbycraft and designed placemats to print on to it. Luckily I am a very sad person who is in love with her own personal laminator, which definitely came in handy for this, as after I printed the individual placemats I laminated them! Here’s a picture of one of them to show you how they turned out…


Minecraft inspired placemats


I really liked how these looked, with the cheap plastic green tablecloth I found on Ebay, and the boys all loved having their own personalised placemats. The guests loved being able to take them home afterwards!


I struggled to find any [amazon_textlink asin=’B0030ES8QG’ text=’Minecraft cups’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’acomu-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’79057bb9-f5f3-11e7-b219-e3c776a09e5f’] anywhere that I could get delivered in time, and so I popped along to Trago Mills and picked up some green cups.


We then used the green card again to print and cut to size ‘cup covers’ that I sellotaped on. I also picked up some party poppers, and my boyfriend designed some ‘TNT’ labels to stick onto them, to add to the Minecraft inspired theme. The children all loved these, and I am still finding random bits of party poppers in all sorts of places I have missed.


The key we found with the party poppers was to remove one of the existing labels, and measure it to start so that you know what size labels you need to print.


Minecraft inspired party



I bought green straws, disposable plates, and bowls to add to the theme, and this is how the table looked…


Party Table


I could not find a [amazon_textlink asin=’B0742C569W’ text=’Minecraft birthday cake’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’acomu-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’b170ff05-f5f3-11e7-a95a-e369c0e4f28d’] anywhere and was panicking a little, considering my own lack of baking skills, but then I had an idea. I bought a Galaxy chocolate tray-bake cake and added some mini Minecraft people that I had already bought Harley for his birthday. With them and some candles, voila a ‘Minecraft’ cake! He was absolutely thrilled with it luckily!


Minecraft Inspired Cake


Even though it was only a small ‘party’ and sleepover, I still did party ‘bags’. Except that to keep with the Minecraft party theme, I chose to do boxes, since everything in Minecraft tends to be square.


I bought the boxes on eBay and ordered some official [amazon_textlink asin=’B00GR4YKTU’ text=’Minecraft stickers’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’acomu-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’d448d3ce-f5f3-11e7-b06b-6b5ab5e5b11c’] at the same time. You can buy the boxes with a sticker already online, but it worked out a lot cheaper for me to put in the HUGE effort of putting the stickers on myself.


I didn’t stick with the Minecraft party theme for inside the party boxes, as it would have cost a fortune, but I chose some suitably boyish bits instead.


Minecraft birthday



They all had a lovely time at the party tea and sleepover, although I’m not sure where ‘sleep’ actually came into it, and we have just about recovered ourselves!


Stevie x



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