A Night at the Movies with Gracewell Healthcare

We love watching movies in our house, so we certainly weren’t going to say no when Gracewell Healthcare offered to treat us to a night at the movies at home!

A Night at the Movies

We chose the new Jurassic World film, as both boys had already seen it and loved it, and Si and I really wanted to watch it ourselves. the Jurassic Park films always hit me with a bit of nostalgia, as the first one was such a big film when I was growing up and I can remember playing it in the playground at primary school.

Gracewell also treated the boys to some popcorn and some retro sweets…which I may have stolen a couple of. We had a great evening as a family watching it together. Film nights really breach the gap in the generations, as we love to have other family members over to watch films as well, and so many films are popular with all generations.

Family Time

In case you wonder – Yes Harley is wearing a Christmas jumper in November and there is even a Christmas T-shirt underneath.

Gracewell Healthcare run luxury care homes for older people. In my mind they’re a little bit special, as unlike some care homes, they  like to keep their residents busy, active and happy. The film night that they provided for us, is just the sort of thing they do for their own residents and they encourage relatives to come and join in.

This is so different from my own experiences of care homes. One of my favourite relatives was my Great Grandad Honey who didn’t quite make his hundredth birthday, but really wasn’t far off when he passed away. He was a real character, always had me laughing and fried everything including Christmas pudding! He was caught a few times drinking whisky out of the bottle by family members as well and was always so full of life and mischief.

Near the end he had to go into a home and seemed to spend most of his time in a room with lots of other people, with a television that wasn’t on loud enough to be heard and nothing to really do but sit and wait until family members visited. I hated seeing him in there like that.

This is part of why I love the idea of how Gracewell keep their residents entertained, and encourage family members to visit and join in with activities. That’s the sort of home I’d like to be in if I need to when I’m older.

Thanks to Gracewell Healthcare, we had a lovely family evening all cuddled up watching our film and enjoyed some quality time together. I hope when the boys grow up that evenings like that are part of their childhood memories.

Stevie x

*Gracewell Healthcare kindly provided us with the items above in order to write this post, but all thoughts and opinions are as ever my own and honest*

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  1. 25 November 2015 / 9:51 pm

    I think I would do anything for retro sweets and a movie! They look so comfy! x

    • 26 November 2015 / 10:43 am

      We’re always under blankets in our house when watching films, makes it so cosy. I love retro sweets….I only get the very rare one they don’t like though!

      Stevie x