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A Trelawney Garden Christmas

I’ve taken my children to one of my favourite places at Christmas today, Trelawney Garden Centre at Sladesbridge near Wadebridge! We went to see Santa, and for me to be conned into yet more tinsel and Christmas decorations, this time to decorate their bedroom.

What with the youngest constantly wearing a father Christmas hat….(which is a welcome change from the balaclava he favoured before!)..and Si letting go of his bah humbug ways and putting lights on the outside of the house this year, I’m beginning to think we live in Santa’s grotto ourselves!

Trelawney Xmas

Luckily I LOVE Christmas, and today helped to get me even more into the Christmas spirit. Upon entering Trelawney today, one of the first things we saw were two gorgeous reindeers…yes real ones! It was amazing to see them up close, and its always a treat for the boys.

Now Trelawney don’t do Christmas on a low key basis, they have a ridiculously wonderful amount of gorgeous decorations to peruse, and even more gifts to choose from.

They stock the obvious garden type presents, lovely looking hampers, which I would love to receive myself (hint hint), shelves full of Cath Kidston goodies, amazing looking beauty products, a vast array of books, toys, alcohol of many different varieties, and well lots of other goodies that would make an excellent gift choice!


Trelawney Garden gifts
However, it is just as well there is so much to look at, as we had an hour and a half wait to see Father Christmas! Trelawney do help with this by having a screen displaying the ticket numbers of those that Santa was ready to see, which I thought was a brilliant idea, as there was no queuing, and we could actually spend that time looking around.
Usually I would have headed to their lovely cafe, but it was a little busy today with it being so close to Christmas. Their cafe does an excellent roast every Sunday though, and they have a large selection of snacks and meals. There were even some lovely men singing Christmas songs to us for part of the day, which really added to the atmosphere, and they were really rather good!
Carol Singers
Last year when we went to see Santa, we were much more sensible and went early on, before anyone else had even started thinking of Christmas, and as usual he was at Trelawney from mid November onwards, so next year I will be remembering this, and it is certainly something to bear in mind if you decide to visit!
Trelawney Christmas
At Trelawney when you go to Santa’s Grotto, you first ‘travel’ there via reindeer, which involves a lovely little room with a moving screen, and some ‘reindeer’ to pull the reins of. Then its time to see the man himself. Their Santa is lovely, he chatted to my boys about all sorts of things, and gave them a lovely big orange each on their way out.
Then they got to select their own gift from an assortment just outside of Santa’s door, a small toy garage and a rocket kerplunk style game were my boys’ choice of loot this year. Despite my eldest claiming not to want to go, even he loved it, and Santa put a smile on his face!
Father Christmas
Trelawney is worth a visit at any time of year, especially for the cafe, but at Christmas it is it’s own kind of special! Father Christmas cost £6.50 per child and £1 per adult this year. For more information check out
This post has been transferred from my old blog…don’t worry I don’t think it’s December still!
*2016 Update, sadly I am not sure whether Trelawney actually do their Father Christmas and grotto anymore as it wasn’t set up ready on a recent visit. However, if you are looking for something Christmassy to do in Cornwall in 2016, pop to my Christmas Events in Cornwall post*
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