A Whole New Set of Milestones


With the boys being 11 and 13 now, a part of me that misses the feel of a newborn in my arms thought that most of the main milestones had passed already – crawling, talking, going to school and now secondary school. It has just hit me though that what we actually have ahead of us is a whole new set of milestones.




In the very near future one of those milestones is going to be reached – the milestone of my boys being taller than me and both stronger physically. That’s a weird thought for me, although obviously one that was always going to happen. One of my boys is crazily already stronger than me, my eldest recently beat me at arm wrestling for the first time ever AND I didn’t let him.


It feels a bit weird that he’s stronger than me, as my role in his life has always been partly ‘protector’. It still is, believe me if someone hurts one of my children I’m a force to be reckoned with. Now though, he asks me if I’d like him to carry something for me. I try not to let that make me feel like a little 90-year-old woman.


When they were small I wished for certain milestones and then wondered why. Such as wishing for them to crawl so they’d be less likely to cry just out of frustration. Yep that led to carnage in my house. Talking – led to cheek and asking loudly about ‘men’ who were actually women and other embarrassing experiences.


My youngest reached a new milestone today, the first time that he was allowed into town and the cinema with his friends without an adult present. I won’t lie I gave him a whole speech about every eventuality and what to do if things went wrong before he went and I sat watching my phone for a lot of the time that he went. They need to learn independence though, these sorts of milestones help with the transition from children to adults (gulp).


I’m proud of milestones that they reach and there are some that I am so looking forward to. Their first proper dates where I ‘may’ embarrass them by being emotional or just for fun – karma kids karma. Their first cars, where they can give me a lift everywhere and I can leave half eaten food in the back of the car – insert evil laugh.


My first grandchild – they have already been informed that at least one of them has to provide one of these eventually, naturally or through adoption, step children whatever. I just want more little people in my life which sounds selfish I know. However what I really want is for them to feel that full on hit in the chest the first time they see and fall in love with their child.


I want them to feel the pride, the complete exasperation at times of having children with strong wills and who are crazy and lacking in any sense of danger. Mostly I want them to feel that love, unconditional, extreme and just the best feeling in the world that comes from being a parent.


Oh my word this post wasn’t meant to be quite this soppy – I’m not crying, you’re crying! As a little bump down to earth though, there will be other milestones I am facing with them, which will most likely include the first time they get vomity drunk with their friends. And if they’re anything like me, the first time they sneak out of the house when they’re grounded.


I was going to write a longer list of my own misdemeanors, then I remembered that my Mum often reads my blog – Hi Mum! – and I suspect there would be a few things on the list she still doesn’t know about to this day. Ignorance is bliss and all that.


What milestone are you most looking forward to or dreading in your child’s life?


Stevie x



  • Plutonium Sox

    Haha love that you still can’t tell your mum about what you got up to! Lots of exciting milestones to come for your two, isn’t it scary how fast the time goes??

  • Maria

    Awww what a lovely post Stevie. So many more milestones to come! I can’t imagine letting my children venture out on their own just yet but I think I’d be checking my phone all the time like you too! x

  • Tracey Williams

    We are hitting the same milestones as you are Stevie. Katie has also been to the cinema with her friend a few weeks ago with no adult. Then they went to Subway and a little look around the shops. Part of me is weeping for the babies they once were, and part of me is whooping for getting your life back a little bit. And yep my teen towers over me now and definitely stronger as he is a black belt lol x

  • Michelle Twin Mum

    I haven’t really thought about milestones for a while as like you say you assume they are behind you as the kids get older but yes there are lots more fun ones ahead – first girlfriend, GCSE’s, learning to drive – ekkk! Mich x

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