Adexe Watch in a tree

ADEXE Watches: Your Time is Now


ADEXE Watches recently asked me to choose a watch to review and to tell them about a time in my life when I took ownership as part of their Your Time Is Now Campaign. 


Adexe Watch in a tree

I chose the Freerunner Petite Berries from the new range, which I was hoping would be as gorgeous in real life as it looked online.


It was actually even better than I thought it would be, it’s a really good quality watch with a gold coloured strap that goes so well with the warm purple shade of berries on the face. The Freerunner Petite Berries watch is a new addition to the ADEXE family, along with lots of other new ADEXE women’s watches.


The new designs have been launched as part of their latest campaign called Your Time Is Now. This campaign is all about taking ownership.



I was racking my brains trying to think of a time when I took ownership and then I realised how dim I was being ignoring the obvious. I took ownership the day that I started this blog and it changed my life. It is slightly mad to think sometimes just how much decisions that don’t seem that huge at the time, can affect the course of your life.


My blog has turned into my third baby, it has led to me making friends, meeting some amazing people, it has become my source of income and given my family some pretty amazing opportunities. So that day when I could have just carried on watching daytime television and feeling lonely and a bit lost, I didn’t. I chose to take a leap and it has paid off. Your Time is Now and My Time is Now – I don’t even care if I sound a bit cheesy right now.


Freerunner - Petite Berries watch


Anyway, a bit more about my new watch.


One of the things I like the most about it, is that the face is gigantic. All the watches I see everywhere now seem to have really big faces and my wrists aren’t very big, so the large faces either look ridiculous on me, or they end up getting damaged more easily when I’m going about my day.


I’ve included an image below of the watch from their site, to give a clearer view of the colours. The watch face is very curved and although this makes no difference to how easy the watch hands are to see, it does make taking photos of the watch pretty challenging! You should see the 500 other photos on the cutting room floor ha!


adexe watch site image


Adexe watch back


The strap itself is elegant looking and quite slim, but feels extremely sturdy. You can easily adjust the length of the strap to tighten or loosen the fit, without having to remove links or ask a jeweller to do it, which is another good feature of the type of strap.


Most importantly other than how well it keeps time (perfectly so far) the watch is really comfortable to wear. I forget that it’s on my wrist after a very short amount of time after putting it on.


Adexe engraved strap


The branding on the watch face and strap isn’t really brash and in your face, I like how subtle it is. The ticking of the watch is also quite subtle, unlike some of my other watches which need to be kept in a drawer or outside of the bedroom when we are trying to sleep.


I love new watch, thank you so much ADEXE! I also love that they are letting me do a special giveaway for my readers! On my Twitter page from 9am in the morning on 20th August until 11.59pm on 26th August 2018 you will be able to retweet my pinned ADEXE giveaway post, follow and comment to try to win a watch of your choice!


If you would like to check out their watch range including the Freerunner Petite Berries watch, then pop over to the ADEXE website!


Stevie x

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