*CLOSED* After Dark at Bodmin Jail – Giveaway Competition

Are you brave enough to spend time at Bodmin Jail after dark? Bodmin Jail is a popular historical tourist attraction down here in Cornwall, but their After Dark experiences mean that you can experience the jail in a way that you usually wouldn’t get to.


Bodmin Jail Cornwall


This is exactly what I will be doing this month, along with some other brave souls. I will be writing about it on both my own blog and the Bodmin Jail blog, which I also write for. I’ll tell you how you can experience it yourself through a giveaway competition shortly.


I actually interviewed Mark Rablin who runs the After Dark experiences at the jail for their blog recently. If you wanted to get to know a bit more about the man behind the nights, visit the Bodmin Jail blog. Whilst I enjoyed a delicious lunch there, I chatted to Mark about the After Dark experiences and what they are actually like.


Basically on the evening you arrive at 8.45pm and enjoy a 3 course meal with the others who are joining you for the experience. This works as a good ice breaker and fuels everyone for the night ahead. You do different workshops with Mark through the night and get to explore the jail. He will tutor you in the basics of Reiki and energy management before you enter the jail. The event lasts until 5am the next morning.


Included in the price that you pay for an After Dark experience is a 3 course meal, souvenirs from the night, Signed certificate. A voucher for a discount on return visits, unlimited tea and coffee on the night and a free family pass for a day visit of the attraction.


If you don’t win the tickets for the After Dark night, you can still book yourself on to one of them. To do so pop to the Bodmin Jail  site, you can book online and there are various dates to choose from. The usual cost for this is £90 per person.


Bodmin Jail


Having visited the jail before in the daytime and feeling how cold it gets, I would definitely  recommend lots of warm layers if you do decide to have an After Dark experience! I suspect the unlimited hot drinks will come in handy ;)


I’m looking forward to my own experience and telling you all about it afterwards…. I may be a teeny bit nervous though!


To enter the competition, please enter via the rafflecopter below to win two tickets for an After Dark experience at the jail. You can find my usual terms and conditions here – A Cornish Mum’s Competition Terms and Conditions.


This competition is open to anyone from any country, providing that they can attend an After Dark evening at Bodmin Jail, which is obviously in Cornwall in the UK.


Good Luck!


Stevie x



  • Danielle Woodman

    I have visited in the day and have felt quite nervy in places so would love to see if I am brave enough to last the night.

  • Plutonium Sox

    I would like to win because I’d love to learn all about reiki, but most of all because I’d like to spend an evening with one of my bestest buddies who I’ve never even met!

  • Hayleigh Budgetfoodmummy

    I love all things spooky so my husband and I would love this! I used to go to Bodmin Jail many years a go, I would like to visit again. Can’t wait to hear about your experience :)

  • Francesca Gott

    I am a huge horror fan, that’s all I want to watch on tv. I love anything that is meant to scare me (weird I know), I am in two minds as to what I believe in and would love to experience something like this to see if It really scares me. It sounds right up my street and I think I could provide some entertainment with my girly screams if I do get scared. I always wanted to work in a prison/ with criminals and began going down that path before falling pregnant and I think this would be so fascinating for me. :) Definitely something different!

  • tressa lapham-green

    This would be amazing, love experiences that are a little unusual. This reminds me of those ghost programmes I’ve seen on the telly, where they visit creepy places! Hopefully if I win I will be suitably freaked out

  • Christina Cooke

    I’d love to win as my twenty year old daughter is obsessed with spooky buildings, as she’s moving across the country to uni soon this would be a fantastic ‘goodbye’ trip!

  • Laura Pritchard

    My husband is an avid ghost hunter and has all the geeky equipment – he’d be thrilled if I won him this!

  • Angela McDonald

    I think this would be a fab and fun experience to share with my mum! We both love horror films and everything spooky!

  • Gemma Godfrey

    This sounds absolutely amazing! I LOVE things like this, a mix of the historical and the creepy. I’m a little bit ‘woo’ so would love to go to see if anything creepy happens, and just to get a feel for the place.

  • Chantiece Bates

    ME and my boyfriend are both quite wimpy so I would love to be able to go somewhere and try to overcome that! Plus it sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Debbie Wilce

    Both myself and my hubby are fasinated by the history of this beautiful county. We’ve both wanted to do the nightwalk for sometime but have never got round to it. We’ve both had supernatural experiences so are big believers.

    I didn’t realise that you had a blog and am pleased I’ve found you, I’m interested in what you have to say about living with Type 1 Diabetes, I to am a Diabetic and have an Insulin Pump, which was the best thing I ever decided to do as far as my treatment is concerned.

  • Lisa George

    I think it sounds so fun, the combination of history, education, reiki, good food. A totally different and exciting experience. I’d love to go there xxx

  • Christine Hobbs

    Would love to experience a jail. A frightening experience for one night but imagine being told you have a sentence of twenty years! Awful thought makes me want to behave

  • Beth M Bowdler

    This is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit but somehow have never got round to doing so. I am also interested in the concept of ghosts and an experience like this is on my Bucket List. I would consider it a once in a lifetime experience and so am keeping my fingers very tightly crossed indeed.

  • Lorraine

    I have been to Bodmin Gaol twice in the daytime before and thoroughly enjoyed it. Got some unnerving feelings and unexplained incidents upon my visit. Would love to win the tickets to have another perspective. Also to enjoy the fine dining (yum)

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