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Review: A Stay At The Alverton Hotel in Truro Cornwall


We were invited for dinner and a stay at The Alverton Hotel in Truro down here in Cornwall last Saturday, something that I was pretty excited about as it was child free. As much as I love our boys, I do love a night away with just Si.


And despite being on his phone in the photo below (ha!) he does love a romantic night away with me too, especially if it involves food.


Mirror - The Alverton Hotel


The Alverton is just off one of the main roads in and out of Truro and I have driven past the hotel sign so many times over the years and wondered what it was like. I had no idea what a big and beautiful hotel it was.


Since there was a wedding on when we arrived, I don’t have many photos of the outside of the hotel (scroll down for a couple) as there were a lot of people around. However if you head to The Alverton website, the homepage images show you exactly how the hotel looks and from a helpful aerial view.


There was plenty of room to park at The Alverton despite the wedding that day and we were checked in to the hotel very quickly. Our room for the night was actually a brand new suite called The Bishop Suite. I have said before on here that I love to stay somewhere with a real wow factor when you walk through the door. The Bishop Suite definitely had that.



The Alverton Hotel suite


With it’s high ceiling, chandelier style lighting and beautiful traditional styling I could happily have moved in.


RThe Bishop Suite - Alverton Hotel


One of the most important parts of a hotel room or suite is obviously the bed, if the bed is uncomfortable then your night is essentially ruined. The bed in The Bishop Suite although firmer than our bed at home, was most definitely comfortable and cosy. The feather filled cushions on the bed were perfect for leaning against to watch the huge television.




The fireplace in the room is a fabulous touch and the large wardrobe in the right of this photo is where the coffee machine, kettle, biscuits and other helpful bits are tucked away.


As wonderful as the bedroom area of the suite is, I have to say that the real star of the show in the suite is the adjoining bathroom. Which has not only a huge walk in shower, but also two (yes two!) roll top baths. This was pretty much the bathroom of my dreams, the double sink area alone would take up nearly all of our own tiny bathroom.



Amazing bathroom at The Alverton hotel


We didn’t actually end up having a bath, having stayed in the bar for a lot of the evening and it being a hot night. Honestly though, how amazing would those baths be after a winter walk?!


Once we had settled into our suite we went for a bit of a walk around outside and in search of the bar. On such a beautiful evening, it was lovely to sit outside with a gin and tonic and just relax. The staff behind the bar at The Alverton (well in fact all over The Alverton) were so friendly.


Even later in the evening when they must have had a long day/night, they were so chatty and helpful to anyone who went up to be served. This is probably part of why we spent quite a lot of time in the bar area later in the evening, it made for a lovely atmosphere.


Beautoful Alverton Hotel


Beautiful evening Alverton Hotel outside seating


Tarquin's Gin and Tonic


Service during dinner at The Alverton was fast and attentive. I can’t fault the food at all nor the portion sizes. We both had the same Smoked Ham Hock Terrine, Scotch Quail Egg, Piccalilli, Cresses with Sourdough starter. This was so good, especially the Quail eggs!


Starter at dinner the Alverton Hotel


For our main meals I chose – Braised Shin of Beef, Oxtail Ravioli, Leek, Button Onions, Wild Mushrooms. Si chose the Chef’s Signature dish, which was – Cornish Beef Fillet, Glazed Rib, Braised Shin Croquette, Mushrooms, Sauté Potatoes, Jus. Si’s meal is in the photo below.


We also order a side order of chips to share, but we really didn’t need to. The portions were very generous and I actually gave about half of my shin of beef to Si, as I knew that I wouldn’t fit in dessert otherwise.


Dinner Alverton Hotel Truro


Si doesn’t have the same sweet tooth that I do, so he didn’t worry about having dessert. I however can never resist either cheesecake or crumble and the crumble of the day when we were there was rhubarb and apple, which is my favourite. I loved that with the crumble they give you clotted cream and custard (Crème Anglaise) and don’t make you decide between the two.


It was honestly the best crumble that I have ever tasted and I think we’ll definitely be visiting again for dinner and dessert!


Apple Crumble


There is only one tiny thing that I would change about our dining experience if I could have and that is the table positioning. The table for two that we were on was quite close to another table for two, not ridiculously close, but because they were directly aligned to our table it did feel a little bit like we were dining with them at one point.


I mean they seemed like nice people and everything, but even a slight angling of the tables would have made it feel a little more intimate for dining as a couple. It is such a small thing that I feel slightly pedantic even mentioning it, especially when the food was so good.


After dinner and several hours in the bar we headed back to our room to that cosy bed. There was actually a disco on in the evening from the wedding and we could hear the music from our room, but it wasn’t so loud that we couldn’t have fallen asleep easily if we had tried to before the music finished. It was also finished by about midnight I think and there wasn’t too much noise from everyone leaving either.


I actually quite liked that there was a wedding on whilst we were there, it was lovely to see the little bridesmaids dressed up and see so many happy people. Plus it made for excellent people watching for nosy people like me.


Bishop suite cushions


We slept so well at The Alverton and then had a gorgeous breakfast in the morning. There were plenty of options to choose between and cereals, toast, pastries, juices and more to help ourselves to as well.


I definitely recommend a stay at The Alverton in The Bishop Suite and if you can’t go there to stay, then honestly just go for the crumble, it’ll be worth the trip!


Thank you to The Alverton for having us to stay and for such a lovely evening. We’ll be seeing you again soon!


Stevie x

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  • Tracey Williams

    Wow this place looks amazing and 2 baths !!!! I agree that it would be lovely to relax in the bath after a winter walk. The food looks delicious, and I totally get you about other people being really close to you when dining. I remember going out for a Valentines dinner years ago, and we felt like we were dining with the couple next to us. Not exactly romantic lol x

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