Appy Drinks My Review

This is my review of Appy Food and Drinks’ Character juices.

I had a large package arrive this week, and when I opened it this was what was inside.

Appy Food and Drink

My eldest who was off school supposedly ‘ill’, was ridiculously excited, even though I thought turtles and Spongebob square pants drinks wouldn’t be quite cool enough for my wannabe teenager these days! He was mostly excited though, as once I properly looked at the carbohydrate information on the back of the drinks that Appy Food and Drinks had sent us, we realised that the turtles drinks only had 4.22g of carbohydrate per serving in them.

Now for anyone who isn’t diabetic, or doesn’t have  a diabetic child you may be thinking…’and?’, but for those of you who do fit into those categories you’ll realise that this means that a carton is low enough in carbs that my Type 1 diabetic son did not need to have an extra injection to try this drink.

It may seem like a small thing to some, but when we are out unless it is a meal time when my son is having an injection anyway, if my son wants a drink he either needs an extra injection, or he has to choose a non or low sugary drink, and the options we are usually limited to are diet fizzy drinks, which I hate giving him as I want him to keep some teeth!, or water.

This is the way it has been for the 5 and a half years he has been diabetic, and for him suddenly to find a type of ‘fun’ drink which he can drink (obviously still in moderation as it’s not carb free!), he was understandably very happy, and I have already been given my instructions to go and buy him some more for our ‘days out’ bag.

The other drinks were higher in carbohydrates, but had almost half the carbohydrates of standard fruit juices, and so would cause less of a blood glucose spike in diabetics, and non diabetics! I was also pleased to see that all of the drinks that Appy sent us were…

low in sugar, naturally sweetened, made with stevia, and contained nothing artificial!

The packaging of the drinks is great, and is definitely designed to appeal to children, I especially love that you have a different selection of Peppa Pig characters to choose from, which I’d imagine smaller children, and saddos like me would like! Personally George has always been my favourite! Appy Food and Drinks are also launching a new Gruffalo range, which I’m sure a lot of children AND parents will love! It’s still our favourite book, even if they are getting all grown up recently!


The drinks that we had were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which are apple and blackcurrant flavoured, Spongebob which are orange fruit nectar (orange and pineapple), and Peppa Pig which are apple and summer berries flavoured. Personally my favourite for taste (yes I drank some of the kiddy drinks – well I had to test them!) was the Spongebob one, and my youngest son agreed on this. My eldest son preferred the Turtles one, partly I think because I only let him have one sip of the Spongebob one, as citrus fruits are one of his eczema triggers, and he was already mid flare up. The Peppa Pig drinks tasted lovely as well, but neither boy wanted to admit to especially liking a ‘girly’ drink, as they described it!


Some of Appy Food and Drinks packaging also has scan-able QR codes to take you to your app store to download their app. However, we could not get ours to scan, but did manage to download on both an iphone through itunes, and on a Samsung phone through google play store. We only had a little play with the app, but it allows you to use a picture of something, and add extra accessories or objects to the photo for fun, and even allows you to download / share these to facebook and twitter. Some of the boxes and packaging have extra scan-able items that you can add to your app, or cut outs that children can get creative with.

I was especially impressed with the straws on the Appy drinks! After years of my children losing their small straws inside of cartons of drink, I was pleased to see that Appy have put an extending straw with their drinks, and the top part of this is wider than the rest of the straw, which makes it much harder to accidentally drop your straw into the carton!

Although, as a quick note to Appy Food and Drinks, on the Spongebob cartons the straw is glued on to the QR code, and half of the code is ripped off when you remove the code, although I am sure they are already aware of this, and correcting it as I type!

Overall our view of our Appy Food and Drinks drinks was extremely tasty, fun packaging, healthier than normal juices, and definitely on our future purchasing list!

For more information on these drinks, or other Appy Food and Drinks products and to find out where to purchase them,  visit the Appy Website.

Note: I was sent these drinks for the purpose of this post. I have given an honest review which is wholly my own opinion, and not influenced by the fact that I did not personally purchase the drinks.


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  • Bobby Patel

    I am glad there is something out there that makes your child’s life and your easier via Appy Food and Drinks juices
    I shall be letting other mothers with similar issues know about your experiences as it must be a very hard thing to deal with and every little helps (since they are in Tesco :))

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