Are You Scruffs Enough? Review


This week we’ve been reviewing an Expedition Tech Jacket and a classic rucksack that Scruffs very kindly sent us.


It was perfect timing, as not only has the weather gotten a whole lot colder – I had to de-ice my car this morning for the first time brr – but also Simon’s work coat was really looking worse for wear.




He loves his new coat, especially the fact that it has a decent warm hood. Quite often when looking at men’s coats for him for work, we find that the hoods are small flimsy ones that fold away into the neck of the jacket. When like Simon you leave for work before the sun has come up at this time of year, and come home when it’s already dark and cold, a good hood is an essential and makes not seeing sunlight for days on end a little bit more bearable.


Scruffs Hood


The jacket is also really well insulated all over and has taped seams which keep the wind and the rain out. Both important for Si who is wearing his jacket for work now and also for working in the garden on our shed project. I better mention here, that the lovely big shed behind him, the great big wall and the fence on top are all Si’s handiwork.


Scruffs Enough


Our garden will be gorgeous when it’s all done. Si knocked down the old dilapidated concrete sheds in the garden a few months ago, and has had ‘fun’ clearing the rubble and digging the foundations for new sheds in all weathers ever since. The new jacket, plus constant cups of tea have been helping keep him a little bit warmer and drier recently whilst he’s been out there.


Note to self though, take photos of him in something we’re reviewing first next time, before he gets it dirty.


At this time of year, when he works in the garden, it’s dark and we need really to sort out some sort of lighting system other than every light in the house at the back turned on. The jacket has even been helping with this though, through a really clever feature we’re both impressed with.


The Expedition Tech Jacket comes with a torch that fits inside a special pocket – one of a huge amount of handy pockets in this jacket. The torch can either be taken out and used as a traditional torch, or it can be left in the pocket which has a clear window, and the side of the torch lights up and works as a mini lantern.


Scruffs Hands Free Torch

This hands-free lighting is perfect for Si’s needs, and will be really handy if we’re out for a walk when it’s dark as well. We really recommend this coat, and not just as a work coat as it’s features would be great as a regular coat as well. The coat is £84.95 on the Scruffs website.

The rucksack that Scruffs sent us is also perfect for our family. With a child with Type 1 Diabetes, our chances of travelling lightly to go anywhere are non-existent. We have to carry not only the usual things people have with them, such as phones, wallets, keys etc, but also no matter where we go, the following;

blood glucose testing meter

insulin pen






We also carry a whole lot more, like most parents for days out like drinks, an occasional picnic and more. As you can imagine, a rucksack is an essential for us, and this one from Scruffs is perfect.


Not only does it have several pockets inside to make important items easy to find, and several different sections to keep things organised, but it also has an inbuilt cool bag section. We often carry a cool bag with us in the Summer months with ice blocks inside, as Fin’s insulin has to be kept below a certain temperature to keep it working okay, and because we like our picnic to stay fresh.


The cool bag section is a decent size, so will save us having to take a separate cool bag with us in future. The bag is also a really decent size, and it has special padding on the back to protect your back and shoulders.


Scruffs Classic Rucksack


The bag is a bargain at £24.95 and you can buy the Classic Rucksack on the Scruffs site. Scruffs isn’t a brand we’ve dealt with before, but their delivery arrived quickly and well packaged, their items are of a high quality, and I suspect we’ll be visiting their site a lot more now that Si has discovered them. He’s already eyeing up their boots!


In answer to the Scruffs marketing campaign – Are you #ScruffsEnough? , yes Si definitely is, I don’t know anyone as hard-working or so good at DIY. I suspect I’ll be getting requests from other female bloggers to borrow him again after this ;)


Stevie x


*we were sent the jacket and rucksack for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts as ever are my own and honest*


  • Tony

    Wow Stevie, Si must really be putting in the hours, can’t believe how far the work has come on, even since I saw it recently, it’s looking great, what a diamond! Bet he loves being able to stay out there even later in the cold, thanks to the torch pocket! Great idea though.

  • acornishmum

    He definitely is Tony, he’s also been helping out a friend lately which is all outside work, plus working on stuff here, plus working full time – I do see him occasionally ;) It’ll be great when it’s all done though! I’m a little jealous of the torch pocket, wondering if I can customise my coat ha!


  • Tracey Abrahams

    The other half has been moaning for ages now that he needs a new coat. I think one with a torch window would perfectly appeal to him.

  • acornishmum

    Si had it n last night indoors and turned the torch bit on it lit up the whole room, perfect for him as he’s always trying to do things in the dark outside at this time of year.

    Stevie x

  • Jodie Allen at Budget Beauty and Babies

    I am instantly drawn to anything with lots of pockets so this jacket and bag look fab. It would probably come in handy for my hubby who is constantly lugging all sorts of things to and from work as he works all over the country. Thanks for the review – I’ve never heard of the company before so it’s always nice to learn about something new #PicknMix

  • Rachel

    Love that coat, might have a look for hubby’s xmas present. The rucksack looks great too, I love a bag with compartments. Sad I know ;) #picknmix xx

  • acornishmum

    I’m the same ha, I love everything to have a place and to be easy to find. Especially since I carry around all sorts for Fin in case his blood levels go low etc

    Stevie xx

  • Robyn

    These products look so great and practical. I love the jacket in particular – how clever is the flashlight/pocket lantern idea??? You have a very handy husband! #picknmix

  • acornishmum

    Ha he’s my boyfriend (he’ll tell me off if I don’t say that) but he is ridiculously good at DIY, which I love. He made our kitchen completely from scratch, base units and everything as well.

    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    Ha there are a couple photos of him lurking on here, but I don’t like to embarrass him as he works with a lot of men ;) He does say he’ll happily review all sorts of power tools though ha! I always go for neutral bags otherwise none of the males in my house will carry it for me

    Stevie xx

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