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Arlington Court – National Trust Devon

When we went on our staycation over the Easter holidays, we stayed close to the Devon border at East Thorne, so we did spend some time over the border. In fact we were so close to the border, that a couple of times we left Cornwall without realising, until we saw this on the way back.

Welcome to Cornwall sign -

Not only did we have a brilliant time at Coombe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park, but we also headed to Arlington Court.

Arlington Court is a National Trust property near Barnstaple, and when we arrived the very friendly members of staff there set our boys up with a treasure trail to do around the property, which they were very excited about. We walked through the entrance and gift shop, and were greeted with this handsome fellow.

Peacock at Arlington -

It was only  a very short walk to the actual house, which was not as big as some of the National Trust houses I have been to, but which had some beautiful rooms to look around.

Arlington Court

We bought National Trust memberships just before we went on holiday, and I am so glad we did as otherwise we may not have actually thought to go to Arlington, and we would have really missed out. The grounds of the house are stunning, with some very old trees, beautiful ponds, walled garden and loads of places to enjoy a walk.

Arlington Outside -

One of the attractions of Arlington is the National Trust Carriage Museum, where there are some very old examples of carriages, some horses, and even an ex royal carriage. We don’t have any photos of the royal carriage, as it’s actually illegal to photograph it, and Arlington aren’t even allowed to sell anything with the image of the carriage. Believe me though it is there, and it has a real intricate beauty to it.

Arlington Carriage Museum -

We actually ran out of time on our visit and didn’t get to explore everywhere around the grounds, so we will definitely be going back at some point in the future!

The boys really enjoyed solving the clues on their treasure quest, and completed it, which meant they got to choose a small prize from a special basket in the shop when we left. I love how the National Trust try to make things a bit more fun for children.

Arlington is beautiful and well worth a visit, and are very child friendly which is always a big bonus as far as I’m concerned!

Stevie x

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  • Hannah

    This place looks lovely and well worth a visit. I love all the history place but being a big royal fan I’d love to see the carriage, had no idea the laws were so tight in these things!x

  • Amy

    I used to live near Arlington Court and have had many childhood memories / school trips here and you’ve brought back all of my nostalgia back with this wonderful post. I remember going home with a peacock feather and thinking I had won a lottery. It’s such a wonderful heritage site.
    Amy | Blonde Amy Blog x

  • acornishmum

    It was absolutely stunning, which was gutting not being able to take photos, but hey I odn’t fancy being sued or arrested ;)

    Stevie xx

  • @seasonsincolour

    National Trust tickets, the best spent money. We visited Devon over the Easter and stopped at Stonehedge on our way there as well as explored most NT places while in Devon like the Lydford Gorge and Castle Drogo. Thank you for this post, well worth a visit!

  • Marion

    What a lovely day out :) It’s made me want to buy National Trust memberships and explore more! #TwinklyTuesday

  • Charlotte

    Hi, found your blog via the twinkly Tuesday link up. I used to live in Devon (now in Dubai) and haven’t been to Arlington for such a long time! Will check out the rest of your blog now, may give me some ideas of things to do this summer when we are back visiting!

  • acornishmum

    Wow Dubai is a little different than Devon! We quite often have little holidays in Devon, as it’s not far to go for us, but still feels like a holiday! I love Combe Martin wildlife and dinosaur park as well, I’ve written about that on here as well :) I’ve bookmarked your blog to check out later, since as usual I am running late ha!

    Stevie x

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