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Awesome Little Green Men Giveaway


If you’re starting to think about Christmas like me, then you will love my giveaway today to win a set and two mystery boxes of Awesome Little Green Men.


Awesome Little Green Men Giveaway


I think they would make a great Christmas present for children of many ages. The characters have chunky heads for smaller hands to hold and they’re a lot of fun even if you’re too young to play the game included in the set.


They’re recommended for children 6+ and definitely over 3 years of age, I suspect due to the chance of a younger child chewing off or snapping off some of the characters’ weapons. If your child is under 6 and sensible though, I’m sure they would enjoy playing with them.


So what exactly are Awesome Little Green Men?


Well for a start confusingly they aren’t all green and nor are they all men, but I guess blue and green little men and women isn’t really as catchy a title! Basically though you have the green army and the blue army and various different characters within both.


You can grow your armies by buying more characters, some of which come in mystery boxes where you won’t know who you get until you open it. All children seem to be obsessed with blind bags and mystery boxes, so I can see so many loving these.


In our mystery boxes we received two new characters, each with their own dog tags on chains and a new recruits poster.


Awesome little green men competition


All characters come with their own dog tags, including the ones in the big set of Awesome Little Green Men. The dog tags have their name, rank, colour of the army that they belong to and role included on them. I think they’re a really nice touch and it’s great that your child can wear their favourite soldier’s dog tag.


Awesome Little Green Men


Awesome Little Green Men is a step up from, but also a retro step back to the days when children loved to play with toy soldiers – I suspect many do still, but I don’t see them around as much these days as when I was a child.


So what can you do with Awesome Little Green Men?


Well you can either just play with them like you would any other character toy – role playing and pretending to shoot each other and going on missions. The tank character is particularly fun as he has movable wheels and goes really fast with a big enough push.


Or you can play the Awesome Little Green Men game. Be careful when opening the big set of Awesome Little Green Men, as the parts for the game and other bits are inside the packaging after you remove the characters and could easily be thrown away. There are some bits under the cardboard in the base of the box and under the front bonnet.


Awesome Little Green Men packaging


Awesome Little Green Men

For how to play the game and more, check out this video.



To find out more about them pop to the Awesome Little Green Men website! You’ll be seeing them in the shops all over the place including Smyths Toys, Littlewoods, Amazon (affiliate link) Toys R Us and more. They can also be found on PopJam – username @LittleGreenMen.


An Awesome Little Green Men Toy Giveaway


If you would like to win your own Awesome Little Men Battle Pack and Mystery Boxes, then enter via the Gleam widget below. You can find my usual terms and conditions here – A Cornish Mum’s Competition Terms and Conditions. UK Only, good luck!


Stevie x



Awesome Little Green Men Toys


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