Baila Jewellery – Quirky cuteness

I recently had a small parcel through the post, and I got very excited opening it, as I knew what it would be! Baila recently asked me to review a pair of earrings for them, and here’s what was in my little parcel…Baila

The main reason they asked me to review the earrings was because I’d recently retweeted them on Twitter having spied and loved them. I loved the simplicity of them, but how they look a little different being white and having a slight pattern to them.


The earrings are porcelain with silver plated backs. I waited a while to review them, as I wanted to be sure they were as good as I thought they were. I find with some earrings that they may be okay for a few hours of wearing, but wear them for much longer and my ear lobes get sore and uncomfortable.


With these earrings I’ve worn them a lot and my ears are fine, and I’ve been complimented on them a few times already!


Baila Earrings
Ignore my frizzy hair, it’s naturally curly and a bit mad at times!

I’ve had a look at Baila’s websiteĀ and the best way I can describe their jewellery style is quirky cuteness. It’s a little bit different and unique looking, but cute and not so different that you have that moment of wondering if you look a bit odd wearing it! They source different items from the designers/makers ready for you to choose from.

Baila Jewellery

I love my earrings thank you Baila, and I’ve added your website to my favourites for future reference and present hinting!

Stevie x


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