Bathroom Detoxing with Carex

We renovated our bathroom before we moved in to our current home, and got it exactly how we wanted it. However recently it has gotten a little cluttered with half full bottles of things, so I happily agreed to have a go at bathroom detoxing when Carex challenged me to do so.

Bathroom Detoxing with Carex

As you can see from the image above, the main issue with the mess in our bathroom was too many bottles – not to mention eight toothbrushes between the four of us. Seriously, the boys actually had three each in the toothbrush holder?! It really just looked horrible and messy.

The stupid thing is we have a bathroom cabinet to put some of it in. However, it wouldn’t all fit as we had loads there. The main reason for this being, that the boys skin is more delicate than ours, one of them is prone to eczema and so I end up buying different body washes for them and for us.

Carex have helped us solve this though, with their range of shower gels and bath creams/soaks that they sent us. They have all been dermatologically tested, are paraben free and gentle enough for all of us to use so I can get rid of the excess bottles and we can all share these ones.

Unlike some gentle washes, they also smell great and leave your skin really soft after your shower or bath. They get the thumbs up from us as a family, plus my window sill where I keep the toiletries we use the most is looking a lot better. I have put the non daily items away in the cupboard and disposed of the toothbrushes that we really didn’t need – at last.

We’ve been using Carex handwashes for ages, as the boys love the fact that they can have hands smelling like cola bottles, chocolate orange or even strawberry laces – yes really – but this was our first try of nay other Carex products.

Our Bathroom detox

Carex have been kind enough to offer some of their products to my readers as a competition prize, so that you can have your own bathroom detox. If you would like to try and win these items..


… then enter via the rafflecopter below, you can find my usual competition terms and conditions by clicking the blue writing hereĀ  Competition terms and conditions.

Good Luck everyone!

Stevie x

*We were sent some Carex products for the purpose of this post, but all thoughts and opinions as ever are my own and honest*

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