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Battling the Cabin Fever in Cornwall


The weather has taken a definite turn for the worse and seems to have skipped straight to winter, which is fine – I love being all cosy and warm inside, but I also end up with a serious case of cabin fever.


Charlestown Cornwall


I think it’s kicked in earlier than usual this year, as both of the boys are now at secondary school eek. Which is great, I mean there’s no afternoon school run unless it’s tipping it down. I don’t have to trek from one side of town to the other for the primary school every day. There are definite pluses, I seriously won’t miss the horrendous school car park.


I won’t miss some of the playground politics and some of the Mums with their cliques. In all honesty I am more than happy with my own company a lot of the time and cosy hibernation is oh so tempting.


But, I do find in the colder months my mood is rubbish at times due to the lack of Vitamin D and being indoors too much. I end up having afternoon naps rather than being productive – poor me right?! Admittedly I do enjoy a good nap, but it doesn’t help me to get a lot of work done!


I’ve also been more grumpy than usual lately and staring at my laptop rather than actually typing. Refreshing my bank online in the vain hope that some mysterious benefactor has realised I could do with a boost and well generally being a bit of a miserable cow.


Do you find being indoors too much makes you grumpy?


I decided this week that enough was enough and I was going to force myself to go for a walk every morning during the week whatever the weather to see if it helped. The first day on Thursday I was lucky and the sun was out for a couple of hours so I parked a while away from Charlestown and walked there.


They were getting ready to do some Poldark filming there, so I didn’t wander far into Charlestown. I was slightly concerned the security guards thought I was some sort of super stalker fan, rather than just a local out for a stroll ha!


Sunny Charlestown


I was surprised by just how big a difference it made to my mood, it was the same the next day when i went for a walk at Pentewan … only that walk was a bit more soggy.


Pentewan Cornwall


I’m planning to keep walking 5 days a week, I loved doing my 400,000 steps challenge this year even if it was exhausting. I might be less of  a grumpy cow too, which I’m sure Si and the boys will appreciate.


When you feel a bit down or are suffering from a bit of cabin fever what lifts you up and makes you easier to live with?


Stevie x



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