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Bedroom Makeover Progress with Emma Mattress


Our bedroom is very much a work in progress still, but it is getting there and our new Emma Mattress has definitely helped that.


For the obvious reasons, but also because it has given me a good ‘excuse’ to start buying pretty finishing touches for the room. The butterfly below was from my Dad and Step-mum’s wedding. The sparkly cushion and pretty night wear were um ‘essential’ finishing touches. Even if we haven’t finished the room yet …


Emma Mattress


We originally decorated our room before we moved in to our home and thought it was as we wanted and finished. Then as time went by, the lack of storage space started to niggle. We only had drawers for our clothes and I was forever re-ironing things before I could wear them.


Thankfully I have the most ridiculously practical boyfriend, who has made some beautiful built-in wardrobes for our room now. Completely from scratch. I absolutely love them. I will show you them properly once we’ve finished the room and I write a post about it, but this is a sneaky peek.


New Wardrobes - A Cornish Mum


We have plans to paint our bedroom and finish off a few more bits in there, including a new carpet as the old one is currently covered in wood stain.


The walls partly need repainting as I had an accident with some hairspray, which pretty much covered three walls. I honestly have no idea how I managed it, or how Simon puts up with my clumsy destructiveness.


Anyway back on to the Emma mattress, which we have been sleeping on for over a week now.  When it arrived it was in a large box, but not as big a box as I was expecting. I was worried we’d been sent a single mattress by mistake, but it was actually very cleverly vacuum packed to fit it in to the box and keep it clean and contained during delivery.


Emma Mattress box


There was even a tool included in the box to open up the Emma mattress, this was really effective. I attempted to record the opening of it as a video to show you how cool it looked as it went back to its normal size, but clumsy me struck again and dropped my phone and ruined it.


I’m beginning to think that we should have CCTV in our house as we would make a fortune from You’ve Been Framed.


Once it was unpacked and put in place, I was surprised by just how thick it is. It’s much higher than our usual mattress, which was a memory foam one. I always found it a bit too firm, whereas the Emma mattress is firm in a good way, but the topper also gives you that slight sinking in feeling that I love when getting into bed.


The Emma mattress is made up of 4 joined layers, wrapped in fabric that is highly breathable. Cushy hypersoft foam, Unique conical pocket springs, Pressure-sensitive visco elastic foam and Supporting cold foam. It is also made in the UK and you can read more about what it’s made of on the Emma Mattress site.


As a guide to how comfortable the mattress is, ever since we started using it I have been waking up later than I should and struggling to get out of bed as it is so cosy to sleep on.


I suffer from back and hip issues and when I stay in one position for too long during the night I can end up in a lot of pain the next morning. It hasn’t disappeared as this is just a new mattress not a miracle, but I do seem to have less pain with the new mattress so far. Hopefully it stays that way.


I find I get less overheated during the night with our new mattress than I did with the old foam one, but Si claims he finds it hotter. I think it may just take him a bit of getting used to. I’m giving our old mattress away quickly so he won’t swap back, as I find it more comfortable plus it looks better than our old mattress did due to its height.


Emma Mattress Review


I’m usually wary of buying things like mattresses online as I like to check that it seems like I’ll find it comfortable before hand, but the people at Emma have found a way to reassure people about this aspect. They actually offer a 100 days risk free trial, so if you don’t get on with the mattress then you can send it back.


Brilliant customer service in my opinion. The mattresses also come with a 10 year guarantee and Free shipping and return. I’ve already been telling friends that they should get one if they can afford one, as it really is so comfortable.


It isn’t a cheap buy, our double mattress that we’ve been reviewing ordinarily costs £549. Would I have paid that myself? In all honesty – No, but only because our budget doesn’t tend to stretch to luxuries like that. It is however a quality luxury comfortable buy and if we had more disposable income, then I would have been happy to buy it after feeling how comfortable it is.


If you love the sound of an Emma Mattress, then you can buy your own on the Emma website.


**Update, the mattress was recently tested by Which? and awarded a Best Buy for 2017**


Stevie x


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