My Bedroom Makeover Wish List

I love the bedroom we have at the moment, but we need to switch rooms with the boys at some point and I’ve been having fun making a House of Fraser wish list of how I want my new room to look.


Bedroom makeover wishlist


I have to admit to a teeny bit of frustration when it comes to our bedroom swap, as we can’t start until the outside work of building our concrete sheds is done.

Partly, because Si is busy doing the outside work himself, but mostly because until the outside work is done our spare room is full of all sorts of random things that belong in the new sheds …. including the bumper and other parts of a transit truck.

We need to sleep in the spare room whilst decorating our room for the boys, and whilst doing our own new room after moving them in to their new one – so we really have to wait for the shed to be done. I don;t fancy sleeping with half a transit truck digging me in the ribs…

With all the wet months we have recently had, it has taken a long time so far, but whilst we can’t actually do the swap yet I can definitely do a bit of fantasising of how I imagine the room being.

We already have our big solid oak bed and other furniture to go in the room, but I’ll be adding rugs, cushions and new bedding to the room as well as a new carpet, paint and blinds. I’ll probably sneak a few other womanly touches in there as well, despite Simon protesting. I want to paint the room the same very light purple colour that we have in our current room.

There are gorgeous white inbuilt wardrobes all along one wall in the room that will eventually be ours, with lots of mirrors. I can’t wait to have all that room to fill with my clothes.

Bedding wise, I love black bedding and I think this Biba Angelica Velvet set would be better than a purple one to stop the purple becoming overwhelming in the room. I’m wishing we had room to store bits for when we do the bedroom move, as House of Fraser have a brilliant sale on at the moment, including this bedding set!


House of Fraser bedding


To break up the black a bit, I love the Biba Metallic detail throw – which although black as well, has a metallic effect through it and just looks gorgeous and luxurious. I have a real thing for butterflies, so I really like the By Caprice Butterfly Metallic Jacquard cushion below, which would go really well with the bedding and metallic flecks of the throw to tie it all in together.

I’d add a little pop of colour with a couple of purple cushions, House of Fraser really has a lovely selection of cushions.


House of Fraser cushions


I’ve really teased myself with this wish list! I’m hoping that when we finally do get to do the room swap over, that these pieces will still be available from House of Fraser. I’ll show you the before and after bedroom photos of both bedrooms when it is finally all done. Cross your fingers we get a lot of dry weather to speed things along with the shed, so we can please ;)


Stevie x


*in collaboration with House of Fraser, but all thoughts and opinions as always are my own and honest*

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  1. 28 March 2016 / 8:18 am

    Oh wow, fabulous bedding! I bet you can’t wait to move rooms. I’ve always wanted built in wardrobes, so useful!