The Headland Spa special touches - flower on a rolled towel
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My BIOTEC Facial at The Headland Spa Newquay


I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to The Headland Spa at The Headland Hotel in Newquay for a BIOTEC facial last week.


The last time that I was at The Headland Hotel, I was there for a fantastic evening with their head chef Christopher Archambault and other bloggers and journalists tasting some of the most amazing food I have ever tried.


I’ve always loved The Headland Hotel, I even applied for a job there when I was a teenager a long time ago. I got the job offer, but couldn’t sort out the logistics of getting to and from the hotel sadly. It is such a beautiful hotel and it couldn’t be in a more stunning location.


The Headland Hotel Newquay
Not my own photograph, this was provided by the PR company.


The beautiful Headland Hotel


There are some really stunning views from inside and outside of the hotel, especially Fistral Beach. I stood and watched the surfers for a while when I visited the hotel, I could have happily sat on one of the benches and just watched the sea.


The Headland Hotel - view of Fistral beach right outside the hotel


I entered the hotel through the wonderfully old-fashioned revolving door and I was warmly greeted and directed to where the spa was within seconds of stepping inside. The spa is actually downstairs in the hotel and so light and bright. In the reception and waiting area, there were doors leading outside for people to enjoy the sea views whilst at the spa.


The Headland Spa reception


All around The Headland Spa are little touches like candles, flowers and special lights. It really makes for a calming but also very pretty atmosphere.


The Headland Spa decorative touches


My facial was done by the very lovely Amy who is actually the spa manager there. Before starting she checked if I had any skin concerns and asked if there were any areas in particular that I would like to have worked on and hopefully improved. My main issue was dry flaky skin, which had been annoying me all winter and was only being helped a bit by an oil that I was using a lot of.


She talked through the whole procedure with me, so that I knew what to expect and chose the treatment and products that would work best for my skin and issue.


The BIOTEC facial that I had is a little bit different from a traditional facial, as it involves a machine. Don’t worry that isn’t as scary as it sounds!


The treatment room Headland Spa


My facial was a Elemis BIOTEC radiance renew facial, with ultrasonic peeling, galvanic rollers and I also had an added oxygen fusion treatment, which isn’t usually included in the facial that I had. However, Amy did say that their facials are often tailored more for the person’s needs.


The machine itself is actually used for eight different types of facial and has five technologies in one machine. It has ultrasonic plates and all sorts of other clever things like micro currents … I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about!


Amy told me that the machine provides a treatment similar to micro dermabrasion, that is a milder version that means that you can have it and then carry on with your day without worrying about walking around with a bright red face.


Elemis Facial machine, The Headland Spa


I was a little bit concerned that my dodgy lower back would be a problem during the facial, as I can’t usually lie on my back for long without being in a lot of pain. However, I was fine and in fact so comfortable and relaxed thanks to the heated cover for the treatment bed that I was on. The room was low lit and had relaxing music playing, I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep a couple of times!


The Headland Spa special touches - flower on a rolled towel


The Headland Spa treatment room mirror


Amy did point out at the beginning though, that if relaxation is your main aim in a facial then you would be better off with a traditional one than a BIOTEC one, which is more intensive and the machine does make a very small amount of noise.


My facial included the following products being used;


Elemis Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil

Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Make-up Remover

Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner

Elemis BIOTEC Skin Energising Cleanser

Elemis BIOTEC Skin Energising Day Cream

Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks


I really like that after your treatment at The Headland Spa they give you a leaflet with details of all of the products that they used on you in. It’s so helpful in case you decide you want to buy any of them yourself, I definitely want to get some of the cleansing oil soon.


The BIOTEC facial was wonderful and although one of the products tingled quite a bit and I was worried I would end up with a rash on my face, the following product after that which was a face mask instantly cooled and relaxed my skin. You can see below the rather gross (sorry ha!) close up of my flaky forehead and frown lines, to show just how bad my skin was.


Mu gross flaky face


After my facial my skin was the best it has been in years, so ridiculously soft that I kept touching it and annoying Si by telling him to touch my face. The photo below is without any filter or editing, just a bit of flattering sunlight in the car and some seriously amazing skin thanks to The Headland Spa.


Me post biotec facial


After my facial I was given a quick tour of the rest of the spa and I could have relaxed in the beautiful relaxation room (pictured below) if I wanted, but unfortunately I had to get home and actually do some work.


The Headland Spa cosy relaxation room


There were lots of different treatment rooms, some for two people and other areas for manicures, pedicures and more. There was also a fabulous swimming pool, which I am looking forward to using in the near future, as a friend and I have already decided that we need to get booked in for a spa day soon. I’ll let you know how that goes when we do!


The Headland Spa treatment seats


My Verdict of the Elemis BIOTEC Facial at The Headland Spa


I honestly couldn’t recommend this facial more, I am very new to the world of beauty treatments, but this has made me want to try so many more. It was such a relaxing calming experience and my skin is still showing the positive effects. Amy also gave me a few skin care tips whilst I was there and that sort of ‘insider’ expert knowledge was really appreciated.


The Headland Spa itself couldn’t be in a more perfect position, just make sure you leave yourself plenty of time no matter what treatment you go for, as like me you will no doubt lose time afterwards just sitting and staring at the views around The Headland Hotel. This visit made me fall even more in love with the hotel itself.


Usually in a review I always include any negatives no matter how small to be honest with my readers, but I seriously can’t think of any negatives to add and really that says it all.


Stevie x


P.S You might recognise the hotel from The Witches film!


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