Birthday gratitude - Happy Birthday

Birthday Gratitude

Today is my 35th birthday.


Birthday gratitude - Happy Birthday


That feels extremely weird to say, I am going to make myself sound much older than 25 by saying that the last 35 years have flown by at a ridiculous speed. I looked in the mirror this morning and I saw evidence of those years, the fine lines around my mouth and on my forehead, plus the grey hairs that seem to be breeding like rabbits. ha!


Every day that goes by now I will be one day closer to forty than thirty. I won’t pretend that didn’t make me wince a bit when I first thought of it!


BUT and this is a big but (I have one of those too) I also thought this morning of all the people who would have loved to have reached my age, who perhaps have thought whimsically of reaching an age where they have a family and fine lines, and I feel grateful.


The fine lines on my face are pretty much all laughter lines, caused by moments of happiness and hilarity. Caused by smiling at my children and the man I love. The grey hairs are evidence that I am ageing and getting to watch my children grow-up. I can hardly begrudge them or the fact that by chance/luck I’m here and happy.


Today I’m not feeling down about getting older, I’m feeling privileged to be doing so with my amazing little family around me to celebrate. I’m feeling grateful for the people in my life that I love and the friends who make me laugh. I’m feeling content in my life and aside from the love I feel for my family, that really is the best feeling.


So here’s to the next year of my life and all that it might bring. I’ll raise a very large gin to that!


Stevie x


P.S I totally just sang Happy Birthday to myself…


  • Natasha

    Ah I’m so sorry I’m a day late, but Happy, Happy Birthday to you lovely! Hope you had the most amazing day and enjoyed yourself! – Tasha

  • Kayleigh Watkins

    Happy birthday, what a wonderful way of looking at it, my birthday is on the 26th, I will be 29, I have had a wake up call recently and have realised how precious life is, and how lucky I am to have my fiance and our three beautiful children, my fiance is 42 and suffered a massive heart attack, he is very lucky to be with us, he spent a fortnight in hospital and has now been home for two weeks, it really did make me realise life isn’t so bad and not to concentrate on the petty things that annoy it worry me xxx

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