What Should You Have Bought Your Mum For Mothers Day?


So tomorrow is Mother’s Day and all over the country people are probably right now panic shopping to find their Mum that perfect gift. Some who have already bought them will be wondering if they bought the right gift. So what should you have bought your Mother for Mother’s Day?


The answer is neither expensive or hard to find. The thing that you should have bought your Mother for Mother’s Day is exactly what you want to buy her. Not what someone tells you that you should.


Mother's Day


As a Mum, I treasure anything that my children choose themselves for me. The loving part of it, is that they want to get – or even in the past make – me a gift. Not how much they spent, not whether it was something that everyone else would love. That they bought something that they thought that I would love.


That they went to the effort to choose something for me, regardless of what it is. From the scratchy pasta necklace that one of them made me one year and I wore for days to make them smile, to the more expensive things that Si has had a hand in. I have loved them all the same, as looking at them, they make me think of my boys and Si.


They make me think of the people I love the most and smile knowing that they got me a gift because they love me too.


I remember using my pocket-money to buy a really cheap brooch at the school fair for my Mum one year and I am pretty sure she still has that brooch. It was a pretty huge teddy bear one and I think she showed her love for me in just wearing it ha! As a child though, it made my day as well to give her something just from me.


Mother’s Day is about remembering all that the Mums in the world do for you and celebrating that. It isn’t about spending a fortune or booking into the most expensive restaurant there is. For me a card and a small gift (hey I might be getting all touchy feely here, but I still like presents) given with love and a thank you for all that I do for my boys is enough. In fact more than enough, I do everything I do for them out of love.


So if you are worried that your Mum won’t like your gift, really don’t. Most Mum’s will just be happy that you remembered and will treasure anything you give them, just because it’s from you.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there for tomorrow.


Stevie x


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