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A Box Room Bedroom Makeover with Bulkhead DIY Bed


Si is ridiculously good at DIY and when the boys decided that they wanted separate rooms a while ago, he found a brilliant solution to make the box room with its bulkhead box in the way, into a fabulous bedroom for a teenager.


Originally when Si bought the house, the box room in our home was in a bit of a state. Taking the wallpaper off revealed a few cracks that needed fixing as well.


Box room bulkhead before


The whole house needed renovating and Si (with a little bit of help from me) did pretty much all of the work himself. He did an amazing job on our kitchen and the rest of the house. Especially with the teenager’s bedroom, as you’ll see in the photos below!


Box room before after wallpaper removed


The box room was a bit of a challenge, as although it isn’t as small as a lot of more modern box rooms, it does have the bulkhead box top in it. Si really wanted to maximise the storage space in the room and he definitely managed to.


He recycled the boys’ old bunkbeds by cutting off the top bunk and using it as the basis and main part of the bed for in the box room. This meant that the bed could be fitted across the bulkhead box top.


Storage bed over the top of the bulkhead box top in the box room


Once he had the bed fixed into place with additional supports hidden away underneath the bed, he also built in lots of storage space to fit storage boxes into. In the photos above and below you can see the canvas cube storage boxes. There are 8 under the bed, but the shelving under the bed goes so far back, that you can actually fit 24 of those boxes under there if you wanted to!


Bulkhead bed steps with inbuilt storage boxes


Having the boxes accessible between the steps of the ladder really adds to the look of the bed I think. As well as those storage boxes, there is also space at the very bottom for three flatter storage boxes. At the moment they have old Lego in them, that the teen is planning to get rid of, but they’ll also make great storage for his trainers and other belongings at some point.


The storage boxes don’t stop there either, he also has an extra two boxes at the head of his bed utilising the leftover space on the box top. These boxes are handy for him to keep anything that he might want whilst in bed in, since they’re so easy to reach.


Top end of the boxroom bed with storage boxes


For the room decor we let the teen choose the shade of blue that he liked and we bought him some graffiti style bedding, plus a few fun cushions. The blue looks a different shade depending on if the sun is on it, hence why the walls look a different colour to each other in the photos. They are all the same lovely bright blue though.


Poo emoji cushion and Star Wars cushion on graffiti bedding


The cushions come in handy for leaning against to watch television and play on his PS4 too. We’ve pretty much set him up the perfect teen bedroom I reckon.


Teenager blue bedroom, tv, blackout blind and furniture plus a Star Wars light


Since he’s a teenager and loves his sleep, plus the fact that his room is a real sun spot, we made sure to buy a blackout blind for his room. I can’t remember where we bought his blind from, but there are some lovely blackout blinds for children at Directblinds.


The chest of drawers in his room are solid oak ones that came from our room, as after our own bedroom makeover, we couldn’t fit two sets of drawers in any more. They work perfectly for storage for all his PS4 games and other bits.


Pop!s collection on shelf with a blue wall behind


His bedroom is a bit of a storage haven, he has a shelf that we purposefully put up for his Pops! to go on and apparently we may need to put another one up for him soon. Plus Si also made him a massive wardrobe for all of his clothes to go in. We did look at buying a wardrobe to go with the solid oak drawers, but they were all ridiculously expensive and not the perfect size for the space we wanted to put it in.


Teenager's blue bedroom with cork board wardrobe DIY


Considering Si had never made anything even vaguely like the teen’s bed or wardrobe before, I am so impressed and proud of him for what a great job he did. The wardrobe is really deep with shelves and a hanging space and has an added feature that the teenager loves. Si fitted cork board material to the front of two of the panels, as they can now be used to pin things to. How ace is that?!


Teenager's blue bedroom with cork board wardrobe DIY different angle


With everything that is in the room, there is somehow even some floor space left over and the room doesn’t feel cramped at all. With all the storage space, the bedroom even stays mostly really tidy too.


So there you have it, a pretty ace idea for making the most of the space inside a box room with a bulkhead box top in.


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