Bruzz Nail Brush Review (aka Mrs Pac-man)

My Bruzz Nail Brush Review…

I have a confession to make…my name is Stevie (okay officially Stephanie!) Couch, and I have dirty nails. I’m not someone who digs in the garden or does anything especially dirty to get my nails dirty, and yet they seem to attract dirt from nowhere.

I do get embarrassed by it, I hand my money over quickly in shops so that the sales assistants (who always seem to have immaculate hands, despite touching dirty coins all day!) don’t look at my nails. Believe me though I do wash my hands, a lot!

This is why, when I saw the opportunity to review the new Bruzz nail brush, I quickly waved a hand (with dirty nails) “yes please, me please!”.

Bruzz nail brush packaging -

My Bruzz nail brush arrived quickly, and they sent me the hot pink one (it’s also available in blue or white). On first impressions it’ actually very pretty, which isn’t something I ever thought I’d say about a nail brush! Unlike our old manky nailbrush (I live with a Welder and DIY fan, it gets a lot of use), I won’t need to hide this one away before guests use the bathroom.

Bruzz nail brush -

I’m actually also sadly impressed that it looks a bit like a pink Pac-man, hence the Mrs Pac-man in the title, or is that just me?

Mrs Pac man -

Si uses our nail brush at home, but I find it a little painful with the hard bristles and also very messy. It may clean my nails, but it makes my bathroom dirty (especially when Si uses it) and splatters my clothes with wet dirty spots.

Emma Myers who invented the Bruzz nail brush has made her brushes as hygienic as possible, by tucking the bristles away inside the brush, which really reduces splatter, and with multi-directional bristles that clean the top, underside and tip of nails. The bristle section is antibacterial, and is even removable for cleaning, and it’s dishwasher safe!

Bruzz brush -

When our nail brushes get too embarrassingly stained, we throw them away, but with the ease of cleaning of the Bruzz brush, I can see it lasting for a lot longer. At £9.99 I feel that makes it a real bargain. I may even buy a blue one, so that we can have his and her ones, as I have another confession, regardless of what I tell my children…I hate sharing!

Most importantly the Bruzz nail brush does what it is supposed to, it leaves your nails sparkling clean, and is very comfortable to use. The soft bristles actually felt nice on my nails and fingers, and they are actually impregnated with vanilla extract. The only downside to this, is that they made my hands smell so nice, I have been looking like a weirdo all day sniffing my own hands (which have clean nails!), they really do smell amazing.

**I was sent the Bruzz Nail Brush for free, for an honest review, which is the only type of review I ever agree to do. If you would like to buy your own Bruzz brush then they are sold in Boots (including online), and Amazon.

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