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Camping Vs Glamping

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Camping Vs Glamping … I’ve wondered for a while now whether I have been too hard on camping and whether I should give it another chance and try it again? 


Camping - tents


We go glamping quite a lot and we’ve had some fantastic glamping stays. I’m especially a fan of glamping in pods like the ones we have stayed in at Silverspring Hideaway and Trecombe Lakes. Both in Cornwall, not far from home and have been some of our favourite breaks so far.


Trecombe Lakes Pod


Reading the Halfords Guide to Camping though, I’m realising that a lot of the main things we love about glamping are also a part of camping.


Sitting around a camp fire


Silverspring Fire


Family Time


Advantages of older children


Playing games outdoors and enjoying time outdoors with long walks


Walking the Cornwall Coastline - St Austell


I may take a bit more convincing to try camping again though and most definitely we’ll need to look at new tents. The main thing that put me off of camping in the first place was our last camping experience.


Our tent was an old one of Simon’s that he’s had for years and hadn’t used for ages. Really, we should have tested it out before taking it away for the weekend, especially when rain was forecast.


There wasn’t just a leak in the middle of the night, there were a lot of leaks. Mostly in the middle living area part of the tent… where all of our clothes and everything else was stored. Waking up to all of our clothes being soggy and all of our shoes wasn’t great really.


Other than the soggy start to one of the days though, we did have a lot of fun camping, We went fishing … a pigeon pooed all over my hand, luckily I found it almost as funny as everyone else did! We had a few drinks in the evening and Si cooked our food on a camp stove – he never cooks, so possibly camping is worth it just for that bit.


Looking back it was actually a really fun trip, it’s just that the soggy part was what stuck in my mind the most.


I think just possibly I may be ready to give camping another try. What about you, are you more of a camper or a glamper and what do you love about both?


Stevie x


  • Plutonium Sox

    We’re a cross between the two, we have a folding camper tent that has a kitchen and proper beds, so we bring it with us and put it up like camping but it’s a bit more like glamping really.

  • Tracey Williams

    We camped for many years when the kids were little and have so many good memories. But as they have got older, glamping is definitely the way forward for us as a family. We have even been glamping and had our own hot tub on the decking. Now THAT is my type of camping x

  • Sarah Christie

    We are trying glamping for the first time ever this year, I am scared but excited as I do love a bit of luxury, however I am looking forward to a new experience x

  • Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    We are going on a our first family camping trip in a few weeks and I’m nervous! Andy loves camping and has been lots with friends. But I’ve never been and either have the girls. I think I’m going to be more glamping, than camping! I will let you know x

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    See I do love glamping. We haven’t stayed anywhere with our own hot tub before, I think that may be my next holiday plan. Though my dream would be to have a heated swimming pool all to ourselves!

    Stevie x

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