Type 1 Diabetes

To The Parents of Children Newly Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes.

I’ve recently been very brave (for me) and started to do YouTube videos, and the reason I have forced myself out of my comfort zone, is that there was one particular video that I really wanted to do. I wanted to do a video to reassure those parents of children newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes that it does get easier. Well basically, I wanted to tell them (or you if you are the ‘them’) what I needed to hear when my eldest son was diagnosed and didn’t.

Type 1 Diabetic Child - acornshmum.com

Finley was diagnosed not long after his fifth birthday, and he almost died. I’ll explain more about that in a post coming soon about Type 1 diabetes signs and symptoms, and our diagnosis. Please excuse the following video, I am very new to doing them, plus I was trying really hard not to get emotional as this is so important to me.

Saying that my son has been diabetic for longer in his life than he has not been diabetic, was the bit that got me the most emotional!

I hope this helps even one parent to feel a little better.

I will soon be doing some more Type 1 Diabetes posts, including some help to make their school life at primary school as easy and smooth as possible, as far as their medical needs go. Feel free to contact me on here. or to follow me on any of my social media.

Stevie x
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  • Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Stevie, you did such a fantastic job on the video! I’m so impressed. It’s such an important message to put out there and I’m sure it will be very reassuring to parents, well done! x

  • acornishmum

    Thank you Becky! I felt so emotional doing it since it’s so important to me, but really glad I did. Even if I do hate seeing myself on camera ;)

    Stevie x

  • HonestMum

    A great, useful video darling , I’m so sorry for all Finley’s had to go through and it is amazing you are helping others to become more educated and empowered. The camera loves you too sweetie, you are beautiful. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  • acornishmum

    Thank you (blushes) I actually cried after filming it, which is ridiculous, but it meant so much to me to do it so I was a little overwhelmed! Thank you for hosting as always, so pleased for you how popular Brilliant Blog Posts has become!

    Stevie x

  • acornishmum

    Oh thank you! I still feel a little bit cringey seeing myself on screen, but hopefully I’ll get used to it! I’ve just specially done a post on how to make your blog competition a success for you by the way :) Hope it helps!

    Stevie xx

  • Shama

    I cried watching your video Stevie. My youngest son has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes almost 3 months back at age 7. He almost died on us. I still feel shaky from the whole thing and am trying to make sense of this and make it as normal as possible for him and the rest of us. As you know we’re still in the bumpy phase and living in a country where there is literally no social awareness regarding type 1 diabetes doesn’t help either. But am holding onto my faith. Prayers for my little one and your son as well. Thank you for the great video!

  • Stevie - A Cornish Mum

    I have no idea how I have just seen this comment when I was going over old posts. I really hope things are more steady for you now and that he is doing well.

    There is nothing that can prepare you for sitting next to your child in a hospital bed, it really is something that I wish no one had to experience. I’m glad diagnosis was made in time for both of our boys, sending you much love and hope.

    Stevie x

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