A Christmas Gift Guide For The Whole Family 2018


With just 43 sleeps until Christmas, I thought I’d help give you some Christmas shopping inspiration with my Christmas gift guide for the whole family.


Christmas gift gude 2018 whole family


**This post contains some PR samples and any Amazon links below are affiliate links**


Christmas Gifts For Men and Women


One of my favourite gifts to receive is something new to wear and you really can’t go wrong with buying someone a really good quality coat like this The North Face Men’s insulated jacket from Millets (the Men’s North Face insulated jacket is also available at Blacks) or these Berghaus Expeditor Trek 2.0 men’s walking boots from Blacks – the Men’s Berghaus walking boots are also available on Millets. Both are quality items that’ll last for ages and they both look great too.


Mens Coat and Boots


This gorgeous cosmetics bag from Halt Print is not only fun and a bit quirky, but it is also only £5 for a medium one of £6 for  large AND they can customise it colour wise for you. There are lots more designs on their site too to choose from and other gift ideas.

Too Glam to Give A Damn

The Philips OneBlade Face+Body is a really affordable shaver/trimmer but it looks much more expensive, which makes it perfect for a Christmas gift in my opinion. That and the fact it’s meant to be really good. Read more about it and try to win it on my Philips OneBlade post.


Philips One Blade Giveaway


I love this pink and blue elephant tote bag from Belsbling  It’s £9.99 and much more friendly to the environment to use for popping to the shops than a carrier bag or bag for life. It’d even make a great beach bag.


A Fitbit is a great present idea for men or women, I’ve had the one below on my Amazon wishlist for ages, hence why I know that if you click-through to Amazon right now it’s only £99, which is the cheapest I have seen it! You could even buy yourself one as well and then compete to see who can get the most steps in each day.


Fitbit Charge 2


I’ve recently discovered a fantastic product for the travel lovers out there too, El Camino Bracelets! They’re based in Newquay and I’ve never seen anything like them before. Basically you buy the bracelet of your choice, which start from just £21.99 and then you by ‘steps’, which are essentially like beads but their colours stand for different continents when you visit them and the metal steps are engraved with the country or City that you have visited.


You can even have custom steps made and engraved, apparently a couple of people have already used that option to use the bracelet to propose! I love the idea of these and I’m tempted to buy myself one soon. What a great way to wear your travel memories and even better you can keep buying the person steps for presents, so this can give you pressie ideas for ages!


El Camino bracelet

This Pac-Man inspired Inky the Ghost mug by Ginger Fox is so cute, I do love a bit of quirky nostalgia as a Christmas gift. You can buy him at Debenhams and he’s even part of their 3 for 2 gift offer for Christmas.


Pacman Ghost shaped mug


Christmas Presents For Babies and Small Children


I actually have a giveaway on my site at the moment to win this special Santa Christmas Eve plate from Born gifted. They have lots of other treasures on their site too. I personally think that this plate would be a brilliant present for a baby, so they have the same plate to use every year for a long time on Christmas Eve. I do love a family Christmas tradition.


Santa Plate giveaway Born Gifted


Another perfect gift that will be a good tradition is this 1st Christmas tree decoration from Halt Print. It is only £4, what a bargain and it can be personalised and you can choose different shapes.


Halt Print 1st Christmas


I don’t think I need to explain my selection of Haribo as a Christmas gift below. Honestly is it even Christmas if you don’t all eat way too much?! My children love getting sweets and chocolate for Christmas, as it is the one day of the year where they’re allowed to eat them for breakfast ha! The Haribo Fairyland sweets are strawberry and cream, and strawberry candy floss flavours yum. Keep an eye out for them in the shops!


Haribo Fairyland sweets


I love these The Gruffalo games from Milly & Flynn. The Gruffalo used to be the boys’ favourite book for a long time when they were small and I wish all the Gruffalo merchandise was available back then. The snakes and ladders and snap games are really easy for young children to play and the whole family can join in. You can get a better look at them in my The Gruffalo giveaway post.


The Gruffalo games giveaway


Another gorgeous gift idea from Milly & Flynn are this gorgeous wooden puzzle tray and shape sorter featuring The Snowman and The Snowdog. Aren’t they lovely? They’re also ideal as a gift if you’re trying to avoid plastic this year, as even the shapes for the sorter are wooden.


The Snowman and The Snowdog toys prize


The book below I bought from Trago Mills to use as a competition prize recently, I’m a bit in love with it. I Saw Santa in Cornwall is all about Santa having a holiday in Cornwall and it features so many local places, it’s the perfect gift for a Cornish child or anyone who loves Cornwall. I bought the book at Trago Mills, but you can most likely find it in a lot of books shops and it’s on Amazon.


I Saw Santa in Cornwall book


This next item I WISH I had found when the boys were younger, it is essentially a drawing board and chalkboard which is magnetic and comes with a box that it slots into. Erm I’m sure there’s a proper name for it ha, but basically you have magnets inside the box (PLEASE we wary of what age you buy this for, for obvious reasons) plus whiteboard pens and it can all be stored in the box and carried around. And you can always buy any magnets of your choice to add to it.

It would be perfect for long journeys or to help learn times tables and spelling or just for fun at home. You can find it on Amazon for £15.99, though there are cheaper versions with various options if you search around on there.


magnetic board puzzle set


Christmas Gift Ideas For Tweens and Teens


I suspect lots of adults would love this Harry Potter Collector’s Gift Box, you can see more photos of it on my recent post featuring the Harry Potter gift box. Not only do you get the lovely diary and pen featured below, but also a 2019 Harry Potter calendar. Get over to Danilo to buy it for a Potter fan for Christmas.


2019 Harry Potter Diary


My boys both love their Amazon Echo Dots, they’re currently just £39.99 on Amazon for the 2nd generation one now that the 3rd generation is out. They’re so versatile and can even be used to help with homework!


Echo Dot


Subscription boxes for Tweens and Teenagers


Subscription boxes are the perfect Christmas present for teenagers and Tweens – and me ha, I love them. Here’s a small list of ones that teens will most likely love, many of them you can just buy a one-off box, unless you feel especially generous and want to buy them a monthly one:


****Please remember if you buy a subscription box and only want one box, do double-check if they auto subscribe you to more that you need to cancel, it should say in their terms and conditions.***


Kawaii Box – I’ve reviewed Kawaii boxes before and they’re always full of really cute surprises, pop to the Kawaii Box site to see what I mean.


My Geek Box -I love the look of the My Geek Box, both of my boys would love it too. It’s a subscription box perfect for gamer, comic, superhero fans. There are 3 different box types, including a ‘lite’ cheaper version and one for younger children, so check out the My Geek Box site for prices.


Z Box – Z Box is similar to My Geek Box, although it looks as though a t-shirt may be included each month too. You can find Z Box on the Zavvi site. A one-off box is £19.99 or £10 if they have a special offer running, the boxes like all the others get cheaper if you buy multiple months.


Glossy Box –  I love the look of the Glossy Box subscription boxes, apparently each month you get 5 items in your Glossy Box worth £50 or more. It’s £38.25 for a 3 month subscription. Glossy Box.


BirchBox – Birchbox are probably one of the subscription boxes that most people have heard of. Their boxes are full of beauty treats for skin hair and style. The November box is The Nutcracker themed and looks gorgeous. A one-off box starts at £12.95


My Dappa Box – This is one for older teens or men, it’s a subscription box where you get 4 to 5 men’s grooming, fashion and skincare products in a box. From £19 for a one-off box. My Dappa Box.


Anonymous Jewellery – The prices vary on this jewellery subscription box service depending on how many pieces of jewellery you select and how many months, but the Anonymous Jewellery subscription box starts from just £13.50 for a one month box and looks good.


Christmas Gifts Suitable For Everyone in the Family


We were recently sent this absolutely gorgeous Disney Princess book by Love My Name, which has had my niece’s name personalised throughout the book. I was so impressed with the look and quality of the book. Now you might be thinking this belongs further up the page in the children’s Christmas gift section, but actually it belongs down here. That’s because Love My Name do personalised special books for all ages and interests, pop to the Love My Name site to check them out.


Disney Proncesses book and box


Does anyone else love getting a new diary every year as much as I do?! I have always loved getting a diary for Christmas and filling in all the birthdays and future plans. A diary is always a welcome practical gift and these Star Wars ones from Danilo are a couple of my favourite ones for 2019. You should check out the Danilo Star Wars section.


Star Wars Diaries


The Winnie the Pooh Cushion below is from The Gift Experience website and is part of their large Disney gifts section. Not only is it a gorgeous cushion featuring the fabulous Pooh and Piglet, but you can also add text of your choice to it. Perfect for the Winnie the Pooh fans out there of all ages.


Winnie The Pooh cushion


Winnie The Pooh personalised cushion


This Bomb Cosmetics Mistletoe Kiss Handmade gift pack would suit all sorts of ages. I’d love it myself and it’s only £10.09 at the moment on Amazon.


Bath Bombs Christmas


A Compendium of wooden games from Amazon for £21.54 – currently on sale. I love playing games with the boys, we’ve always played board games as a family, in fact some of my earliest memories are of being taught to cheat at games by my Grandad Pete ha! I’m also a massive fan of wooden board games, especially ones that are more than one game, as they’re so handy to take with you on holiday and they last forever pretty much. I love the look of this one on Amazon, there are loads more on there too to choose from.


Games compendium


Hopefully that’s given you some inspiration!


Stevie x

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