Explorer Dinosaurs giveaway

Christmas Shopping Giveaways: Explorer Dinosaurs Book


Today is day six of the Christmas Shopping Giveaways and today I have a lovely book for you to try to win – Explorer Dinosaurs! from What on Earth Publishing.


Explorer Dinosaurs giveaway


The Explorer Dinosaurs! book is part of a series of books published in association with The Natural History Museum. The Explorer Series will also include books named Insects!, Plants! and Mammals! They’re all aimed at children aged 7 to 11 and will be individually published this year and in 2018.


At the beginning of the book Eric Eagle introduces himself as the Senior Librarian of the Eagle-Eyed Explorer Club, who is also known as Agent Eagle as he’s a special agent for the club as well. He’s always ready to go on missions for the club in an instant if they call on him to do so.


He tells the children reading about his latest mission, which is to file a report on the entire history of the dinosaurs as soon as possible. The rest of the book is mostly set out as his findings under different subtitles and is full of dinosaur facts. All written in a way that older children can easily understand, but still manages to be very educational.


Explorer Dinosaurs book page


The way the book is written as a ‘top secret mission’ adds an element of fun to this educational book and I think it works really well. There’s also facts on some of the top ‘dinosaur Explorers’ with details on their findings in history which is really interesting to read. There’s a quiz and activities towards the end of the book to test how much you’ve learnt whilst reading too.


The Explorer Dinosaurs! book also features a really informative and easy to use 1.8 metre timeline that folds out from the book at the end, which is so helpful and makes it really easy to see which dinosaurs were alive when. Even I ended up engrossed in reading all the mini facts about each dinosaur and I’m a ‘little’ bit out of the target age range!


It features over 100 dinosaurs and charts their rise and fall over 175 million years.


Explorer Dinosaurs! Timeline


I really like the Explorer Dinosaurs! book, it helps to answer questions children may have such as – Which was the oldest dinosaur? Why did they grow so large? What did they eat? Would they have eaten us? Why did they die out? There’s also a bit of a fun thing for children to do online:


Agent Eric Eagle is looking to recruit special agents for his next mission! Readers are invited to join the Eagle-Eyed Explorer Club, in which they embark on various adventures that will take them back in time. Agent Eagle has set special missions and challenges for the club’s agents to complete.

The first 100 successful agents to complete their mission will be presented with a fascinating Coprolite Fossil (petrified dinosaur poo!) to start off their collection of prehistoric artefacts. Plus, every successful agent will receive an Eagle-Eyed Dinosaur Certificate of Merit. *You will need the book to do the above and receive your certificate etc*

To win this amazing prize, curious kids must crack Agent Eagle’s secret code by matching the number of each chapter in the book with a series of shapes that appear on the Eagle-Eyed Explorer Club website. Go to www.whatonearthbooks.com/explorer-club-homepage to try your luck!


The Explorer Series was created by Christopher Lloyd, with the help of illustrator Andy Forshaw and the What on Earth? team of explorers. Dinosaurs! is priced at £9.99 and is available to purchase from What On Earth Books, The Natural History Museum, Amazon, Waterstones and other independent book stores.


If you would like to win a copy of the Explorer Dinosaurs! book which will make a great present for a dinosaur fan, then please do enter via the Gleam widget below. If you win then we will try our hardest to get it to you in time for Christmas. My usual terms and conditions can be found here  A Cornish Mum’s Competition Terms and ConditionsUK Only.


Good Luck and don’t forget to check out my Christmas Shopping Giveaways main post to see what other competitions are live already and to watch for new ones!


Stevie x


Explorer Dinosaurs! book


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