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Christmas Perfume Gift Sets From The Fragrance Shop

One of my favourite gifts to receive for Christmas is perfume. To me perfume always seems like such a luxury item, which means that as a Mum who spends any extra money on her children I very rarely buy it for myself.

I do however love perfume, there’s something very confidence lifting to know you smell amazing and it gives me a real boost to spray perfume on before I leave the house every morning. I tend to have an everyday perfume, and one for special occasions, which means that I associate the smell of it with happy times and events.

Smell is a very strong sense, memory enhancing and a small sniff of my special perfume always puts a smile on my face. Although I always have two perfumes in use, I do change my perfumes at times, and I love trying out new ones.

I was lucky enough recently to be sent two new perfumes to try, and not even just perfume, but perfume gift sets so they came with extras.

The Fragrance Shop

The first perfume gift set I was sent is by Desigual – Desigual is a fashion brand loved by a lot of A list celebrities. There are three perfumes in this range, named Sex, Fun and Love, and I received the gift set with a 50 ml bottle of ‘Fun’ in.

First impressions of this gift set were brilliant, as the box is so striking it’s just begging to be re-used! I love to find new uses for things anyway, but this box really is gorgeous.


Then you open the box, and the perfume bottle is even more striking. They really made the bottle match its name, as it’s definitely fun and the most colourful perfume bottle I have ever seen.

Desigual Fun

Included with the perfume is a zip-up case that can either be a case for an Ipad mini, or be used for cosmetics by someone who doesn’t have an Ipad mini – either way it’s just as gorgeous as the box.

Desigual Perfume

The Disigual Fun perfume is very fruity and fresh smelling, and I can definitely imagine wearing this every day and wanting to take sneaky sniff of my wrist all day. I usually make my perfume last longer through the day by spraying a little bit on my hairbrush and brushing it through my hair as well.

This set would make a great gift for women of all ages, but I can definitely see the colourful bottle appealing to the teen and younger women’s market. Disigual Fun is currently £19 on The Fragrance Shop, but it actually has an RRP of £29 so it’s a great deal.

Alesha Rose Quartz

The second perfume gift set I was sent was the Alesha Rose Quartz gift set, which is £15 from The Fragrance Shop. The Alesha perfume which is 100 ml, has a much stronger smell than the Desigual one, and is the kind of perfume I’d wear on an evening out or a special occasion as it’s very distinctive in a good way. It contains Bergamot, Jasmine and Patchouli, which makes for a lovely sweet scent, that really is gorgeous.

It also comes with a body lotion that smells amazing. I’m not that keen on the look of the bottle, but that’s personal taste and I’m sure many would love it


If I had to pick a favourite between the two, then I would actually say for scent its Alesha Rose Quartz for me, but for packing and bottle its Desigual Fun all the way.

Either way, perfume is the perfect gift for Christmas for someone special in my opinion.

Stevie x

*I was sent the perfume gift sets above for the purpose of this review, but as always my opinions are my own and honest*


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