*CLOSED* Christmas Competition – Scooti Lights Giveaway

As part of my Christmas Competitions, you have the chance to win one of the Scooti Lights from Buggi Lights!


Buggi and Scooti Lights


The lights are all shaped like ladybirds and very easy to fit onto a buggy or scooter. They are a fun, simple way to make buggies and scooters safe in the dark.


Scooti Lights


Buggi and Scooti Lights can be seen from 300 meters away – an essential when crossing roads as the nights draw in. There are two lights for pushchairs, as in each box there is a white LED light to face forward and a red LED light to face back. Obviously, with a scooter only one light is needed.


And with a stretchy loop which fits any sized bar, it’ll only take a few seconds to have your scooter or buggy ready to go, safe and seen.


These lights look so cute, but as this isn’t a review, if you want to read more about what the Buggi Lights are actually like pop to The Dadventurer’s Buggi Lights review. The Scooti Lights are essentially pretty much the same.


You can currently buy the Scooti Lights in blue with orange spots, green, pink with yellow spots and red. If you would like to buy your own Scooti Lights or even investigate the Buggi Lights, then pop to the Buggi Lights website.


Scooti Lights


If you would like to try and win a Scooti Light, then please do enter via the Gleam widget below. My usual competition terms and conditions can be found here – A Cornish Mum competition terms and conditions. UK only and subject to stock availability you should be able to choose the colour of Scooti Light that you would like to have as your prize if you win.


Myself and Buggi Lights will try our hardest to get your prize to you in time for Christmas, without a magical sleigh though we will need your help in responding quickly to a winning email to do so.


Good luck everyone and keep an eye out for more Christmas competitions, by checking out my Competition section.


Stevie x



Scooti Lights Giveaway


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