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Christmas Stamps with Stamptastic

I absolutely love Christmas, as you are probably beginning to guess on here. It’s sparkly, glittery, yummy, fun, happy and family time, so what’s not to love? Well for me it’s writing a mad number of Christmas cards every year, but Stamptastic have a solution for that with their new Christmas stamps.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t resent having to spend time writing cards for our family and friends at all, it’s more that my poor hand and wrist bear the brunt of it.

Also, lets face it when you write all of the cards at once, as I always seem to end up needing to do, then it’s a whole lot of writing. Stamptastic were lovely enough to send me two stamps and two ink pads in red and green recently, to test out and tell you about.

Christmas Stamps

The first stamp I chose from Stamptastic is to help with the writing of Christmas cards from us all as a family.

I will still be writing the ‘To’ part of the card, so it will still have the personal touch, but I will now be ‘signing’ our cards like this, with my new stamp.


I actually think the stamps are very cute, and actually show more effort not less if you’ve gone to the effort of buying one. Stamptastic are a company you may have heard about in reference to labelling school items before. They sell stamps, that can pretty much stamp a name on to anything your child takes to school, and it won’t wash or rub off. Much easier than sewing labels in!

The Christmas stamps are meant for paper and card though, so the type of ink is different to more suit the purpose.

Speaking of schools, because Harley is still at primary school he tends to do like the rest of his class and send a card to everyone in his class. That’s around 29 children, plus he also has a lot of friends in the class next door to his, and likes to send cards to several teachers and teaching assistants.

Every year he writes way over 40 Christmas cards, and surprisingly enough it takes a lot of time to do. That’s why for the second stamp I was allowed to choose, I chose one for Harley to use for his own Christmas cards. I suspect this year the Christmas cards will be a lot less time-consuming!

Stamptastic Harley

The stamps from Stamptastic arrived very quickly, and are of a great quality. You order the stamp ink pads separately, which means you can choose the colour you would like.

When using the stamps you do need to remember to press down quite hard on the ink pad, but when you do they make a lovely clear stamp on the paper or card. If you fancy saving your own hand and wrist this Christmas, or just think the stamps look pretty (they really do) then pop to the Stamptastic website to get yours ready for Christmas.

They do different designs as well, and obviously you can personalise them all. The stamps don’t just work for cards either, you could use them on present labels as well.

We love our stamps,

Stevie x

*I was sent two free stamps for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own honest ones*


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