Christmas Stocking Ideas for Tween and Teen boys


Christmas Stocking ideas For Tween and Teen Boys – A few weeks ago, I was at a complete loss of what to buy to put in my Tween boys’ stockings. They are suddenly at that in between awkward age when it comes to gift buying.


They no longer want Lego figures, if I put a thing of bubbles in like I used to then they will join the huge stash of bubbles from birthday party leftovers that we already have. Apparently, bubbles aren’t as fun when you’re ten or twelve. I think I still enjoy them more than them though, but then I refuse to 100% grow up.


So this year I have had to think outside of the box and ask my friends, Facebook and Twitter followers and haunt other people’s timelines to see what they have been buying for stocking filler ideas for tweens and teens. If you are as lost as I was, then here is my list of ideas for stocking fillers for boys – I am sure a lot would suit boys or girls, though.


Christmas stocking ideas for Tween and Teen boys


Christmas socks


Mini Lynx deodorants


Mini Hair Gels


Scented pencils or novelty pens – I tend to buy these from somewhere like Smiggle, but lots of shops do these sorts of things.


Chocolate coins – Father Christmas has been bringing chocolate coins for the boys for as long as they can remember, and Christmas day is the only day that they eat chocolate for breakfast!


Chocolate Orange – the best bit about this is that they’re huge so take up a lot of room and make the stocking look more full.


Really any type of sweet food – They really may eat me out of house and home one day.


Key rings or Fridge Magnets


A Pop! Keychain – If they love the full size Pop! collectables, then I expect they will love the new mini ones that come as key rings. Search ‘Pop! keyrings’ online, or I have seen them in Game for definite.


Wallet Ninja – You can buy these from places such as Prezzybox and they are basically multi-tools in a card that fits inside your normal wallet.


Novelty rubbers – The less practical they are to actually rub anything out the better apparently.


Pez dispensers with sweets – You can even buy a Father Christmas one in some shops.


Snap Bangers – Obviously only to be used under supervision for older children, but the bangers that when thrown down make a noise. I loved these as a child and you can still buy them in Hawkins Bazaar.


XBOX, PS4 etc Controller skins – These are literally a rubbery cover for games controllers. They come in all sorts of colours and you can buy them on Amazon.


Boxers – Older boys are likely to appreciate the names brands and younger boys might be happy with their favourite superhero or Christmas themed ones.


Gloves – My boys go through a lot of gloves, so a new pair is usually appreciated.


Goal Keeping Gloves, football socks or Shin pads – For the football loving boys.


Kinder Eggs – A toy and chocolate all in one. My two have yet to grow out of these.


Bath bombs – These aren’t just for girls and you can get some fun ones from places like Lush.


Colourful shoelaces – Great for refreshing an old pair of shoes and adding a touch of colour to them.


Pokemon Cards – In my opinion a waste of money as they are just bits of card … but the boys have a slight love affair going on with them and it is Christmas after all.


SD Card or USB stick




New phone cover/case


iTunes/XBOX/Google Play voucher


Hot chocolate sachets


Pooping Reindeer – I mean the ones that ‘poop’ chocolate. They sell them in lots of places, but I’ve definitely seen them in Hawkin’s Bazaar.


Light-up Balloons – I’ve bought these in Tesco before and they are balloons that have a small light inside them. They look brilliant when blown up and lit up.


Uno Card Game


Snap Band bracelets


If you are still stuck for ideas or want more inspiration, I love the stocking filler section on the Hawkin’s Bazaar website. By the way this post is just written by me and not in collaboration with any brands in case you wondered.


Have you bought or thought of any other suitable stocking fillers that I haven’t mentioned above? If so please do comment below.


Stevie x



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