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Christmas with Lily Charmed Jewellery

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous piece of jewellery by the lovely people at Lily Charmed. They’ve now also given me a discount code especially for my blog readers!

Christmas with Lily Charmed Jewellery

Before I tell you about that though, I want to explain why you might want to do some of your Christmas shopping at Lily Charmed this year. One of my favourite things about my own necklace, other than the fact that it was gorgeous, was that Lily Charmed let me personalise the box.

With Lily Charmed, you can make your gift more personal, more thoughtful and in my opinion just more gorgeous. You can write a personal sweet or even cheeky message to the box, and on some of the jewellery there is an option to go for a matte or polished finish, add a letter charm or even choose the chain length.

I’ve been checking them out recently to look for my own Christmas presents, and they really do have some lovely pieces, that only have one major downside… The downside being, that they’re so lovely that it’ll be hard to buy something and then force yourself to give it as a present, rather than keeping it for yourself.

Lily Charmed

The necklace they sent me is still my favourite that I own, but I most definitely now have my eye on the snowflake, penguin and stag from below – nice little hint there family ;)

Lily Charmed Christmas

I’ve already ordered one piece of Lily Charmed jewellery from the Lily Charmed website, but I won’t be showing you it on here as it’s for a family member who will most likely guess it’s for them! You can pop to my Instagram to see if you can spot it if you want, just not if you’re related to me please.

If you’re being organised and making a start on (or a finish if you’re really organised) your Christmas shopping, then by entering CORNISHMUM¬†at the checkout, you can get an extra 10% off your order between now and 15th December 2015. They deliver really quickly, but don’t leave it too late!

They even have a limited time special offer code on the site at the moment for 25% off when you spend £85. A good excuse to get yourself a treat as well whilst Christmas shopping.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet, or even finished it?

Stevie x


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