Colour Calm Adult Colouring – Competition


Colouring in always used to be something that the children made me do with them. I made it slightly more interesting by printing out Hugh Jackman colouring in sheets, as I recently mentioned in my rainy day activity post, but it was still something that was their idea to do and not mine.


Now that they’re getting older way faster than I’d like (9 and 11 how did that happen?!) the colouring days are very rare, and I didn’t think I missed it, as after all they used to pretty much force me to do it.


Then I was sent a copy of a Colour Calm colouring in book for adults, and suddenly I’m colouring in by choice – oh and doing so out of the boys’ sight so they don’t join in and mess up my pretty pictures! Am I having a midlife crisis early perhaps?


Colouring in

I’m finding colouring in strangely relaxing though, I think because I am normally always so busy I don’t give myself a lot of time to relax and just do nothing. Whilst colouring in I find my mind actually empties a bit and I relax, although I may have said a swear word earlier when I accidentally went out of the lines…


I have to admit to scoffing a little when seeing people mentioning adult colouring in on social media, but I’m a convert – and now have a good reason to buy the gorgeous pencil case I saw the other day, but didn’t buy as it’s not ME going back to school.


The lovely people at Colour Calm have give me two copies to give away to two lucky winners who will each win one copy – don’t worry I haven’t coloured these ones in! If you would like to try and win, then please do so via the Rafflecopter below.


Colour Calm

Good luck everyone, Stevie x


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