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Have you heard of Kiddsafe before? They are a new company, making safety identity wristbands for children to keep them safe if they become separated from you.


For any parent, it is a scary thought that your child might become lost. Especially as younger children are very unlikely to remember their home address or parent’s telephone number.


This was exactly the thoughts of the creator of Kiddsafe, a Mum herself who when sat on the beach with friends watching their children play, thought to herself just how easy it would be to lose sight of them on a busy beach. This is where the idea for Kiddsafe ID wristbands came from.


I’ve had that sinking stomach feeling of ‘losing’ my child before, luckily only for a brief moment, but if Kiddsafe had been around when my boys were younger I would definitely have bought them, especially for days out where they disappeared in to soft play areas.


As anyone who has spent much time on my blog knows, my eldest son has Type 1 Diabetes and this means that the risks to him if he had gotten lost when he was younger were much higher. The Kiddsafe wristbands can also be used to write medical information on, so that if someone finds your child, they will know straight away that they have additional medical needs.


Kiddsafe safety Wristbands


There are two types of Kiddsafe ID wristbands, one of which are the fun-ID ones which are waterproof and have characters on. You use a permanent marker to write your contact details and medical information on the inside of the band, and the band can not be taken off without cutting it, so it won’t come off by accident and no strangers will be able to see your information easily, unless they find your child and remove it for them. These are the disposable wristbands.


The eco-ID wristbands are bands that will appeal to all ages of children, but will no doubt be preferred by older children (suitable up to age 10) compared to the fun ID bands.


These bands are reusable, and you write your details on a special insert, that goes inside the wristband, which is revealed when the wrist band is opened.


Both type of wristbands would provide peace of mind for parents, or even teachers on school trips. I know some parents actually write their numbers on their child’s arm before sending them off to play at soft play centres and other places – the downside to this is that numbers written in pen can be rubbed or sweated off, a wristband is a much better idea.


The lovely people at Kiddsafe are offering my readers a chance to win any two wristbands of their choice from the Kiddsafe website. So you could choose one eco-ID and one pack of the disposable fun-ID wristbands, or two of either one. It’s entirely up to you, but if you want to win then you need to enter via the rafflecopter below.


For my usual competition terms and conditions click here – A Cornish Mum’s Competition Terms and Conditions.


Good Luck!

Stevie x






  • Paula Readings

    I want to win because my daughter is taking my grandson on his first holiday abroad in June and i want him to take precautions.

  • BattleMum

    These look amazing and would be brilliant for our forthcoming holidays this year, especially as BattleKid is a fully fledged toddler and often wants to run on his own without holding mum and dads hands. Would provide some peace of mind to know our details are on his person should we ever, God forbid, get separated.

  • Pickinguptoys

    In the summer we are hoping to do lots more daytrips and these will be ideal for my younger 2 because you just never know when they get distracted and wander off despite your best efforts at keeping hold of them x

  • Angela treadway

    Having two young boys and me with an anxiety disorder, taking my boys out to a busy place is a worry and losing one of my boys is my worst nightmare! At least i could have piece of mind with these that at least if one of them was to stray away from my side at least i could be contacted x

  • jessica woods

    I really want to win because my son has suspected autism which means he has no safer awareness or spacial awareness and runs off at his first chance I still remember the first time he ran off at two this would help my so much with my anxiety with him wow fantastic prize for me x

  • Emma F

    My daughters will be 5 and 2 when we go on holiday this year, and my youngest is a runner. These would give me much more peace of mind xx

  • Rebecca Duncan

    My son is desperate for more independence even though he is only 4… means he often wants to go ahead. This would give piece of mind if he did manage to get out of sight

  • Jo Carroll

    Peace of mind is a precious thing for any parent and these wristbands certainly provide that extra level of added security.

  • Natalie Baskerville

    I want to win because my son has a knack for wondering off in shops and these would put me that little bit more at ease.

  • Ellie Gingell

    I would love to win because this is such a fantastic idea. Much better than writing on childs hand as this can wash off. Thanks for the chance xx

  • keri brooks

    Every mother and father’s worst fear. These are amazing would love to win for my daughter as she goes to nursery in a few months and would like this as extra precaution and to put my piece at mind when am not with her

  • kimberley ryan

    we will be going on a few days trips in the summer with our 5 children. So I would love to win for my 3 year old twin boys, although I am very vigilant that they don’t wander off, there is always that chance that they might just do.

  • Sadiyya maryam

    This is an amazing product. I would love to win for my nephew who is 6 and is also Type 1 diabetic. He will be coming to visit us in London for the first time this summer and no doubt I will be taking him along with my 4 year old daughter out to see the sights. I know I will be extra careful and protective because of his condition buy if we won the wristbands would be less anxious knowing that if he strayed the band will have his details and especially his diabetes status. Many thanks for running this lovely giveaway.

  • Susan B

    Any parent who has ever ‘lost’ a child while out knows just how truly terrifying it is. These wristbands are, therefore, a real blessing.

  • Caroline J Robinson

    These are a fabulous fun accessory that will help keep your children safe and let people know of any health issues and also give you a little extra piece of mind if you are put in the terrifying position of a child getting lost and for that I would love to be one of the lucky winners

  • Alexandra McGahey

    I would like to win for extra cautiousness when out and about with my two children and particularly for when they go out with their grandparents and I’m not there as I worry so much!

  • Barbara Handley

    I would feel much happier taking my grandchildren out if they were wearing one of these.

  • Rachel Craig

    I want to keep the children safe at all times. This seems like a good product to assist safety for young children.

  • Miss Jeanette Davenport

    This would be fantastic to win for my grandkids, and I would feel a lot better in taking them on trips out in the holidays.

  • kayleigh dudley

    this is a fantastic idea, that all parents should think about, great for my toddler who loves being adventuress, a small peace of mind.

  • Maria Jane Knight

    We are off on our first family holiday to Portugal this May and i must admit im a little bit worried about keeping my son safe. He wont be leaving us for kids clubs or out of site but im a real worry wart!

  • Holly edmundson

    I would love to win, with two young daughters it’s not easy to keep a eye on them especially when they decided to go and play on different things at a park or look at different animals in zoo, these are a fab idea for keeping them safe :) xx

  • jackie beckett

    To lose a child is terrifying 5mins puts 20 yrs on your life this would be so useful for my grand-daughter when out and about

  • Laura Corrall

    This would just make me feel so much more confident on days out with my girls. I would love to have more days out with them and this would really put my mind at rest that if the worst should happen and they toddle off then someone can get them to me quicker.

  • Jodie W

    for my son, havent lost him yet but he is only 2 and is getting faster by the day and im worried one day he will run off

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