Competition: Make It Gluten Free

I have a new competition for you today, this time from Make It Gluten Free and the prize for 2 winners are some fabulous gluten free baking products.


Make it Gluten Free


Make It Gluten Free is a company created by Glenn Clark after he was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. This obviously entailed a real diet change with having to avoid gluten. I think if you don’t have Coeliac yourself or need to avoid gluten, then you may be surprised by just how many things it is in.

It can be a really difficult thing to avoid. Glenn wanted to help people have more choice in what they were eating and be able to cook treats at home more easily.

His range of baking products includes pizza bases, waffles, brownies, cake, bread and more. All easy to make, all gluten free and I’d imagine very tasty!


Simple Mills


I was offered to review some of Make It Gluten Free’s baking products, but as no one in our house is gluten free, I decided it would be selfish of me to accept. Instead I asked if I could run a competition instead, so that someone else could try them, hopefully someone who needs them.

Glenn has said though, that the products taste great for anyone, and if you win and you aren’t gluten free, maybe you could surprise a friend who is, with some baked goodies next time they visit you.

There will be two winners of this competition, who will both win two boxes of Make It Gluten’s Simple Mix and two boxes of the 1-2-3 Gluten Free of their choice. This is the perfect chance to try some new baking products, and find some new favourites to buy in future.


123 Gluten Free


To have a chance of being one of the two lucky winners, you can enter via the rafflecopter below. For my usual competition rules give this link a click – competition terms and conditions.