Closed: Win a copy of Amazing! Magazine

I have been introduced to Amazing! magazine for children recently, and they have been kind enough to offer me ten copies to give away as competition prizes to ten of my lovely readers.


I don’t know if you have heard of Amazing!  magazine, but basically it is an educational magazine for children. Put like that it sounds pretty boring and dull doesn’t it? However it is anything but. The front covers of the magazines give you a glimpse into the fun world that is Amazing!


Amazing! magazine covers

Not only is this magazine educational…. but it manages to do it in a sneaky way. Children will love it, my own boys were completely engrossed in reading them last night. There is toilet humour (in a child friendly way), jokes, puzzles like wordsearches, fun facts, and small experiments or crafts to try out at home. Children’s favourites like aliens and zombies make an appearance in the magazines.

The content of the magazines is based on the National curriculum, the way that the content is designed and written is designed with children and fun in mind. In my personal experience, children learn more when doing something that is fun and when they don’t even realise that they are learning.

Amazing! is aimed at children aged 7 plus, although good readers who are younger might enjoy it as well. Older ones definitely will I think – I was actually laughing as I read it and learnt a few new things myself I’m not embarrassed to admit.


Amazing! Magazine


There is an Amazing! website, if you or your children want to check it out click here – Amazing! you can see how to subscribe to the magazine if you want to and more on there. You can get it as a digital download, if your children prefer iPad reading.

It’s a monthly magazine, which only costs £49 for a full year or £23.99 for digital subscriptions, with lots of options available. If you enter the code WOW10 at the checkout on the Amazing! website you can also get a bonus 10% off of subscriptions at the moment!

If you would like to win a copy as a ‘taster’ to see whether you really do want to subscribe and start getting this magazine, then feel free to enter my competition via the rafflecopter below my usual Competition Terms and Conditions apply. As an additional note, your address will ONLY be used to send you the magazine if you win.

With ten winners you could be lucky ;)


Good Luck!!


Stevie x



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