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How to Throw the Most Amazing Superhero Party

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How to throw the most amazing superhero party

Who doesn’t love a superhero? Fearless, with fantastical powers, there is something striking and awesome about a superhero. And it makes for possibly the most awesome party theme too, with plenty of options when it comes to superhero party supplies, the only real limiting factor is your imagination!

Superhero Party

So, how do your create your own superhero party that guests will be talking about for weeks?

 Decision 1 – Create your own, or use a current theme?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going to choose one superhero, such as the current favourite character from one of the many children’s films released, or create your own.

Creating you own is not as tough as you think. Simply tell your guests, for example, that by wearing a yellow t-shirt they will have access to a whole heap of magical powers at the party. As they arrive, give them a super-power all of their own that will fire their imagination.

Decision 2 – how the invites will look?

Now you have your theme, you need to make a guest list and when that is complete, the first fun task is upon: the invites.

You can buy pre-made invites of course, simply fill in your details and watch the replies come flooding in!

You can always make your own too, either truly handmade or by downloading and printing one of the many thousands of templates online.

The trend for 2015 is 3-D invites – just like cards that stand up, this invite will stand out. Children love the idea of parties and what can really set the scene is an amazing 3-D stand out invite, unlike anything they will have seen before.

Decision 3 – what games are you going to play?

Having a theme of a superhero party means that everything your guests’ do, from the moment they step through the door to the moment they go home should all fit in with the theme and the games are no exceptions.

There are all kinds of superhero twists that you can put on games and activities; how about throwing some shapes instead of dancing to musical statutes? And don’t forget the seeking powers that superheroes have when it comes to finding hidden treasure out in the garden. Or maybe, they can use their skills to follow the map and find the clues, work out the secret code and unlock the pot of gold?

Decision 4 – how will you decorate your venue?

There are all kinds of accessories and supplies you can buy to decorate your venue to make it look like the inner sanctum of a superhero lair. If you using a well-known character – Superman, Batman, Big Hero and so on – there will plenty of bunting and so from which to choose.

But sometimes decorated or themed accessories can become a little pricey and with one eye on the budget, you might want to curb your spending on accessorised items. Sometimes, decorating a venue in all character accessories can make it look crowded and one way of breaking this busy-ness up is to use a contrasting colour.

Spiderman, for example is red, with a hint of royal blue. Why not opt for red plates and blue cups, with Spiderman serviettes?

Decision 5 – will you use party bags?

Not everyone is a great fan of the party bag and it is true to say that there is a certain expectation when it comes to guests leaving a party with a favour or gift. Unfortunately, it can add to the expense of hosting a party but there are some ways of dealing with this.

Opt for theme party bags and include a few items that can be useful but not just edible – a treat pack size of sweets, with a small trinket or gift is better than overloading with sugar!

Some people also use a craft activity within the party as a means of creating a parting gift for guests too. Why not create your own masks, fit for a superhero and use these as a parting gift too.

Decision 6 – will you pull out all the stops with the cake?

The crowning glory of any party can be the introduction of an amazing cake, created and made to fit in with whichever superhero you are using as your theme.

The most popular characters are often included on cakes in most high street supermarkets but, if it is a special birthday you may want to spend a little extra on a bespoke cake.

Superhero parties are simply brilliant! They give you a great platform on which to be creative, giving you and your superhero birthday boy or girl the opportunity to throw a party that everyone will enjoy.

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