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Competitive Misery

Whenever you mention anything negative about your life in any way shape or form, have you noticed that Mr or Mrs Competitive Misery are always out there?


You know, the people who no matter how horrendous someone’s life is going … theirs is ALWAYS ten times worse and clearly much more important to talk about.


Competitive Misery


I see it all the time on social media, they seem to be sat around ready to pounce and add a comment to any thread to try to make the person having a bit of a moan feel ten times worse. Someone in your family is really ill, well someone in their family is bound to be way more poorly or worse.


Hurt yourself falling over, they are bound to have just had a limb hanging off somewhere.


Car broken down and the repairs will be expensive? Well then they are most definitely down to the last pound in their bank account and wish they could afford a car to have to have fixed … Whatever is wrong with you or bugging you, they brush it aside as insignificant.


Most of their sentences start with ‘Well at least you …’ and no matter the illness or other issue you have, theirs are always worse.


I mean fair play to them, if they have a crappy life then they are more than entitled to mention it  just like anyone else. The difference being that often they are so caught up in feeling that what is going on in your life is so much less than what they have going on, that they pretty much dismiss what you have to say.


They seem to feel that you are less entitled to mention anything negative.


I have a confession to make here … I have had moments of relegating other people’s worries to the category of annoyance in my head. For a while after my eldest was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and had started having 4 injections every single day (almost 8 years on that’s a lot of injections), every time I saw parents upset about having to take their children for their immunisations … I felt angry.


I wished I only had to take my child for one injection and I dismissed their worries, as clearly my stress and what my son was going through at the time was way worse. In theory yes it was ‘worse’ in a way … but at the same time just because my child was going through so much, didn’t mean that no one else was allowed to feel unhappy over what they were going through.


It didn’t mean that my pain and my child’s pain was more important or more valid than the pain that anyone else was going through at the time. Luckily I got over it pretty quickly once we’d settled in to our ‘new life’ and everything didn’t seem quite so awful.


If you are having a tough time, ignore Mr and Mrs Competitive Misery. You are entitled to feel whatever you feel, don’t let others make you feel bad for that. Yes in theory no matter what you are going through in life, someone else somewhere in the World probably has it worse. However at the time it rarely feels like it.


Their bad day doesn’t make your bad day any less significant.


Stevie x


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